Sunday, June 12, 2016

Early Morning, Port Royal, South Carolina

"From our boats to your table!"

It's a steamy June morning in Port Royal.

The shrimp boats are in, fish selected from the local docks,

and Seafood Express is ready for customers.

The Reaves family has been in business since 1970. They own three shrimp trawlers, five oyster boats, and a fleet of trawlers and skiffs used for clamming and crabbing. What they don't catch in their family-owned boats they buy from other local fishermen.


"Yum yum"


"Eat fresh local seafood"


"Eat more fish"






With 86% of the seafood consumed in the United States imported,

it's nice to be able to

"buy local".



  1. Love the fresh, local Georgia shrimp. Buy ours at Ken's Seafood, it's fresh. We like it so much Mac made a painting of their little store and gave it to them.

  2. Cynthia seafood is delicious. You are a lucky person to havea fresh local food

  3. Oh, to be that close to fresh fish!
    You may have inspired me to shop more often at the fish market in town - which travels to Boston for their supply - instead of the grocery store.

  4. How wonderful to eat fresh!! Nothing beats that taste! Lucky you!! :)

  5. Wish we could buy fresh seafood. You make me want to travel, especially toward the coast!

  6. I am by the sea at the moment staying with the family in a rented cottage which is part of a lighthouse. Anyway what I meant to say was the seafood is delicious. Local is best.

  7. Eat local - eat fresh. You are lucky to have
    such amenities at close call.

  8. That is always the best, right from the sea on your plate.

  9. Very lucky to have fresh fish at your doorstep so to speak. We don't have to go too far ourselves, but the fish has always been on ice etc.

  10. Local food is the best, and you can be sure its fresh.

  11. We snow birds go to a similar place on the Gulf Coast near Homosassa Fl. Fresh caught local is the best...:)

  12. That is the best way to have seafood, fresh and local. Considering the percentage of imported seafood you have struck it rich.