Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Somebody’s Birthday!

Bob’s thirteen!!!
    They used to say one human year equals seven dog years, which would make our girl 91 today. Now there seems to be a more complicated formula. The American Veterinary Medical Association believes the first year of a dog’s life equals 15 human years. Year two equals nine years and after that, add five year for each human year. By my calculations, that’s adds up to 79 candles this year for Bob. 

  I thought I’d do a little interview with Bob for you on her day. 

  Me: Bob, I know you’re a girl. How did you come to have a boy’s name?
  Bob: (Big yawn) I’m tired of answering that. Ask The Writer. Hey, have you seen my ball?
  Me: Okay, I’ll ask him in a minute. What’s your favorite treat? 
  Bob: Peanut butter cookies from Trader Joe’s. Did you hide my tennis ball again?
  Me: No I did not! Do you do any dog tricks? 
  Bob:  Sheesh, why would you ask me that. Of course not. Tricks are for poodles.  I need that tennis ball. 
  Me: Why do you hide your tennis balls under things and all over the yard? 
  Bob: For occasions just like this! Gotta have one, gotta have one, gotta have one now. 
  Me: Okay, just a couple more questions first. Why do you always take the long way through the house instead of going through the kitchen?
  Bob: You can’t figure that out for yourself? Years ago when I was a wee small pup I once walked through the kitchen when the floor was wet and slippery. I will NEVER do it again. Ever. Got it? Now gimmee my ball. 
  Me: Last one. What would you like for your birthday? 
  Bob: Really? You don’t know that? I worry about my humans sometimes!

Happy birthday to a very good girl!