Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Testing 1-2-3!!

  For some reason, my photos disappear a few days after I post them which is, of course, frustrating! I am attempting to figure out the problem, so this one is a test. 

  It was taken Sunday on the beautiful South Carolina Black River at Pump House Landing. The rusty old water pump was still on its foundation on the river bank with the inscription, Fairbanks Morse. That pump was manufactured at the Fairbanks factory in the small Wisconsin town I grew up in! Three of my close relatives were lifetime employees of Fairbanks Morse. Two others were my grandma and her sister who during World War II joined the legions of Rosie the Riveters manufacturing parts for Allied war planes.  I have many memories of holiday parties given for employees’ children — including my sister and me! 

Wondering if anyone else has had the experience of their photos disappearing from Blogger a day or two after publication? If so, have you figured out what is going on?