Sunday, October 30, 2022


  Some of the historic houses in town go all out decorating for Halloween, which is Monday night.

The witches are life-sized, appropriately ugly, and looking right into each others’ eyes as they concoct their spell. 

  Going to be spooky to walk up here after dark!

  More Dark Ladies brewing … mischief?

  This house is just around the corner from us and they always have homemade decorations for each holiday. This year they have the traditional Halloween candy — candy corn — cut from wood and handpainted. 

  This trio of little witches is just down the street. I think they are homemade and quite charming, with their fire pit “cauldron”.

 I like this sentiment. 

  We are ready for trick-or-treaters. Hope we get a few. Traditions are changing and not many go door to door anymore as the churches and social clubs have kind of taken over the holiday. 
🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Scarecrow Contest

  There weren’t many entries in the annual Scarecrow Contest this year. Not sure why except maybe everyone was tired out from the huge wooden boat show the weekend before when there were thousands of visitors on the streets in Georgetown. 
  Anyway, here are some of the offerings. 

It was a beautiful October day, clear skies and cooler temperatures in Rainey Park.


Representing The Shrimp Dock, where the shrimpers come in to sell their catch, is Gorty the Georgetown fisherman. 

  You can tell Gorty is the Real Deal because he is wearing the white rubber boots that tell you he is a man who makes his living from the sea. 

  Now she’s pretty, but would she scare a crow???

  And, our favorite, the scariest scarecrow in the park, is this guy.


Not sure who sponsored him or who he is, but those worms and cockroaches are definitely 

  In other news this week, we became grandparents again, to — another baby boy! This is Grayson and his big brother Jackson, age 2.

(If anyone is counting, its now grandsons 8, granddaughters 0!)

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Meet Frank!

  This is our new family member and Bob the Border Collie’s new best friend.  

It’s Frank! 

  Frank is 10 months old, adopted from the St Francis Animal Center, the No Kill shelter in our town. He was rescued along with 40 other cats from a “hoarding situation” this summer, vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped at St Francis. Pronounced healthy, he moved on to the Purr & Pour Cat Cafe in town to be socialized and adopted.

  The Purr & Pour is so popular you have to have a reservation to come in for a coffee, tea, or glass of wine and a baked people-treat to spend time with the cats!

  It’s also a $20 donation to St Francis for the privilege and the place is alway full.

  We visited the day before Hurricane Ian hit and they had 17 resident cats.

  There is every kind of fun for cats at the Purr & Pour, along with chairs, couches, and fluffy rugs for the human visitors to share with the cats.

  I spent a couple hours petting and playing and holding cats and … couldn’t decide for sure which cat was ours.  

So I called The Writer to come and help. 

  He walked in and petted two cats. The second one licked his hand, presented his belly for rubs, and purred with all his might. He (The Writer) was smitten! Funny enough, he had no idea it was the same cat of the 17 I had been leaning toward choosing!

  You can’t just walk in and walk out with a cat. You have to provide references and answer questions about your past pets and other pets at home. You sign a promise that the cat will have regular checkups and vaccinations and that it will be an indoor-only cat. Then you wait while they check up on you to get a phone call saying, come and get your boy. So, we went home with an empty cat carrier to wait and see. 

Just as everything was shutting down for the hurricane the next day, we got the call saying we could come and get him.  


  It’s taken Frank no time at all to make himself at home.  It’s funny how he has fit himself into Bob’s routine and expects a treat for himself at the times Bob regularly gets one. 


  I’m so happy to have Frank. It just doesn’t feel like a home is complete without a cat! 

Friday, October 14, 2022

Exploring Another Part of South Carolina

We’ve been camping in the mountains, enjoying the northwestern corner of our state. 

In case you’re unfamiliar with South Carolina, we live on the east coast, in Georgetown, circled in green. It’s about 4 1/2 hours from there to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which are part of the Appalachians. The western state border, with Georgia, is a series of lakes and a river from top to bottom. We stayed in three different parks (two state parks and one county park) and had a campsite on the water at each of them.

  We have a small travel trailer with a bed inside, a galley under the hatch at the back for cooking, and a screen room with drop sides for privacy and rain (and bugs).  

Our first campsite was on Lake Hartwell. The red clay in the lake made such a beautiful contrast with the sky and trees. (Not too nice to walk in the water, though. Your feet come out orange!).  
This was our view. 

Every day of the trip the sunsets and sunrises were spectacular!

Another site was on Lake Keowee.

Morning tea, sunrise on Lake Keowee, catching up on my journal. 

  I’m going to quit here with our last-night campfire on Lake Russell. I have more about our trip but for some reason my whole page has disappeared twice and I don’t want to lose it again! So, see you soon.