Monday, July 11, 2022

It So Hot Here …

  I put ice cubes in the hummingbird feeder!

  When I was cleaning it, the nectar I poured out was really hot and I figured it just might burn those tiny hummingbird tongues.  

  Can’t have that! 

  Speaking of birds, we have had fun with a pair of Carolina wrens this summer. They are very noisy, very friendly, active, and messy little birds. We like them a lot and have encouraged them to nest in our YARD with two very nice bird houses …

but one very determined pair had other ideas. They seemed to want to be near us. In our sunroom, to be exact. Over a couple days we removed several nest starts, hoping to encourage them to build elsewhere. Then one afternoon we came home to …

a done deal! 

  I didn’t get a picture, but there was a jacket slung over my bike handlebars and tucked inside it was a completed nest. Inside the nest were …

  Yes, four little spotted eggs, each the size of my fingernail! 

  They had us! It was too late take it down this time. 

  What to do? 
 I carefully removed the very sloppy, loosely constructed nest from the jacket and placed it in a small wicker basket I hung on my handlebars. We were surprised when mama wren came right back to the nest as if nothing had changed and settled in. From then on we gave over all use of the sunroom to the wrens and had to leave all four sliding glass doors open night and day. 

  We have to walk through the sunroom a dozen times a day to get in and out of the house but it didn’t seem to faze the wren parents in the least. In 13 days the eggs hatched. 

  Feathers grew.

 Then one morning 12 days later we came out and the babies were gone. They had somehow made their way out of the nest, out of the sunroom doors, and were hanging out in the azalea bushes, being shepherded and fed by their excited parents. 

    Carolina wrens are monogamous, mate for life, and raise up to three broods a year. Ours have apparently sought a change of scenery for their next family. We miss them but we are glad to have our sunroom back. 

Friday, July 1, 2022

Inspired by Frida Kahlo

  A national tour of art inspired by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo that began to tour the country in 2019 is at its final stop in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. That’s about an hour north of us and we were fortunate to get to go see it this week. 

  Ninety-five entries, selected from artists all over the world, inspired by her life and her art, interpreted The World of Frida Kahlo in paintings, prints, photography, collage, sculpture, textiles, and mixed media.


  It was a colorful and exuberant extravaganza of a tribute and it was fascinating to see the ways Kahlo has inspired creativity in her admirers. We enjoyed it so much!

An iconic Frida, clothed in monarch 

Silk and metallic crewel embroidery

“Diego’s Chica”

Brussels, Belgium artist, “Trying to be Frieda”. 

Clay sculpture

Appliqué and embroidery, Hamburg, Germany.
 “Larger Than Life” 

  Kahlo was severely crippled as a young woman when she broke her back in a bus accident, and later lost her foot from health complications. Her life was filled with severe pain and she lived and painted mostly in a wheelchair and flat on her back in bed. 

 I love the way this artist imagined her as beautiful and free from those painful limitations.  

 “Frida With Birds” 


A medium of expression for everyone! 

Paper collage

Collage detail

  Do-It-Yourself project in the 
museum gift shop

 (Anyone else paint these when you were a kid? I loved them, and actually learned quite a bit about painting with oils doing them.)

  I hope you enjoyed seeing a few pieces from this exhibit. I want to tell you if it ever comes your way, do go, but as I said, this is its last stop and the pieces will be going back to their artists when they leave here.

  I haven’t been posting on my blog for a while for a couple reasons. One was that my last few posts had so few comments I decided I wasn’t writing about anything anyone cared about and it didn’t seem worth the effort. Well, this week I was poking around and discovered that for some unknown reason a lot of comments were in the SPAM folder and never published! I don’t understand why.

  Has that happened to anyone else? Anyway, I moved them and  I will be feeling more inspired to write now!  

🌈.  🌈.  🌈