Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Cosmic Dogs on Memory Lane

We had some business to attend to in Charleston yesterday.  Ever since we had been house-hunting and driving up and down Hwy17 to Georgetown, The Writer has been lobbying for lunch at Jack's Cosmic Dogs. Yesterday was the day to stop.

Brightly painted missiles, Grandma's wringer washer to mark the handicapped parking spot ...  and look at that old Airstream trailer!  They sing a Siren's song to cars whizzing by on the highway up the coast.

I remember putting a nickel in the slot and riding in a little car like this in front of the grocery store.  
I think the airplane might have come from a carnival ride.


Pull out your own RC Cola, or Grape or Orange Nehi from an old Coca Cola cooler, the kind that use to be inside every gas station.  You put your dime in a slot and a mechanism released one bottle, which you slid along a track to remove it.  Opener on the side and the top fell into an old oil box on the cement floor.  My first soda was a Grape Nehi and I remember well that glorious ice cold taste and how the bubbles went up your nose.  


I haven't seen these for years (and good riddance!), an old cigarette machine.


The Writer had a little pedal car 
similar to this.

Since we were in Charleston, we decided to join a protest march taking place at noon outside our senator's office there.  He is one of those who declined to show up for a Town Hall meeting for constituents last week.  He represents businesses, not the voters, so I guess he didn't need our input.  
Anyway, about 100 nice people showed up, the police kept an eye on us so our feet didn't slip off the public sidewalk onto the grass, and there were some very creative signs.


 I never thought I would be a protestor at my age!  

The sign on the left kind of sums up my feelings 
and we did get honks, waves, 
and people yelling thanks 
so I think it is a good thing to do.  



  1. Got to love a cafe like that with all that interesting old stuff to give it a bit of character. I'm about to go to my first protest ever next week (demanding the government does a better job of regulating our water), must remember to make a clever sign too.

  2. Love that drive in dive! What did you have to eat?
    And good for you protesting! I try to do something every week from post cards to thank you emails or protest emails. Never thought I'd be writing Republican representatives but I sent a thank you to Cong. Issa for speaking out about the need for an independent investigation of Trump's ties to Russia.

  3. Great name for a roadside cafe. Like you I can't remember when I last saw a cigarette machine. Hope the food was good to accompany that ice cold drink.

  4. Love the look of Jack's Cosmic Dogs - sounds like a moon-based breeder. Anyway, you don't get too many like that in the UK. Nothing wrong with a bit of protesting, either; of course, you shouldn't protest too much. But do I feel it has become a less safe world.

  5. I would love to try Jack's Cosmic Dogs. Looks like fun!

  6. What a cool place to eat. There's more than eating at jack's cosmic Dogs. good for you to get out and protest.

  7. It's quite a contrast isn't it stopping at a diner that brings back memories of your youth - the good, the bad and the ugly? With soda and cigarettes potentially being in all three depending on your position at the time! Then flash forward to your life now protesting for what you believe in. I've been in countries where such freedom of expression would not be possible. May your week be cosmic - Enjoy your right to protest and your zest and energy for life to do so!
    Toot, toot, wave!!
    Wren xx

  8. The eating house sure goes back in time, it's like a museum in away.
    Never been in a protest, but then haven't been near one either.
    That is a great sign the lady is holding up.

  9. What a great diner with all its wonderful memorabilia. Good for you to join a protest and fight for what you believe in.

  10. That dinner looks like a trip to memory lane! Glad to see that there are at least a lot of wise people around to protest against that bully.

  11. I would love to visit Charleston.. I read so many novel based on Charleston..

  12. What a fabulous place, Cynthia! I remember so many of those items e.g. we had a drinks machine like that at my high school, but we had different soft drinks ( called sodas in your country?). On the TV series MASHI remember Radar being teased as he liked grape nehis rather than beers or Hawkeyes!s moonshine πŸ˜† so now I know someone who loved this soft drink! Lol
    In my mature years I've found myself going out to protest so good on you for doing the same. πŸ‘πŸ‘

  13. The sign on the left also sums up my feelings these days....

  14. Hope you had some French Fries! A cold grape soda sounds great! :)

  15. I would gladly join you in protesting! :)

  16. When I was a kid, our neighbors had a pedal car like that, too. What a an interesting place to have lunch. Hope the dogs were delish! Protesting can be a good thing even if a senator doesn't pay attention. Now repeat after me, "Hey, hey! Ho, ho! The fear and greed have got to go!" Now try it with a bullhorn!

  17. It is a good idea to keep the eatery how it was years ago. It keeps history alive. Well done for joining the protesters.