Saturday, April 15, 2017

Back in Time for Easter

For some reason I haven't been able to access photos on my blogging app for days, and what's a blog without photos?  I couldn't think of enough riveting words to make a post without any pictures, and the app's help desk ignored my emails requesting help.  
Well, lo and behold, I gave it another try tonight 
and presto! my photos are back.  

It's Easter weekend and half the East Coast seems to have made the trip to South Carolina.

Still, the beach was quiet early this morning, except for the surf, and a kayaker and paddle boarder enjoying a ride.

Mason and his mama are enjoying a visit with 
his great-grandma (my mom) in Florida.


Hunting alligators 

on an airboat


Today he helped the ladies at my mom's church dye Easter eggs.
I'm sure he was a BIG help.

Meanwhile, back in Minnesota where the snow has melted and things are just beginning to get green, these two played in the state chess tournament, second grade edition.


No trophies this time, 
but they do look like they enjoyed themselves!  

Well, that should catch you up on what you missed this week because of blog troubles.
I do hope your Easter bonnets are trimmed, shoes polished, eggs dyed, 
and your alarm set for the Easter sunrise service!  


  1. My eggs are dyed and I think I'm ready, have a Happy Easter.

  2. Problems in blogland are infuriating. I'm glad the pictures reappeared.

  3. What blogger app do you use Cynthia?
    The photo of the children are lovely - so happy with laughter.
    Don't do eggs for Easter here :)

  4. Everything is ready but not bonnet so Happy Easter

  5. A Happy Easter to you too, enjoy!

  6. Glad you got your photos back! The happy smiles are cheery to see! Didn't dye eggs, but got a dozen from a colleague who raises chickens that lay a variety of colored eggs. Beautiful sunny Easter here in MN. Happy Easter to you and The Writer.

  7. Your grandchildren are growing fast.They seem to have had a fun Easter.

  8. Happy Easter! Wow Chess I am impressed, I never understood that game, and they are only second graders!! :)

  9. Great Easter with NO RAIN!
    The young-uns all look as they are thoroughly
    enjoying themselves.

  10. Blogging can be so infuriating sometimes can't it? Sorry you weren't able to comment on mine a while back but thank you for persisting! And great news you got your photos back.
    Hope you had a lovely Easter.
    Wren x

  11. I hope you had a fabulous Easter. Your little ones are so adorable!

  12. Sounds like a wonderful Easter and such a joy to see your Grandchildren. My youngest daughter and her family were in Florida for Easter and got back yesterday.