Friday, May 26, 2017

Just a Little Laugh

Sharing some Friday humor today ...


  1. Good one, I've been in a number of those places, frequently.

  2. Very fun! I'm kind of a Cahoots fan, but I won't name any accomplices.

  3. That's cute, I hadn't seen it before.

  4. That is well put together - enjoyed read that :)

  5. so cute! I always have joked that I think incognito must be next to Escondido, because that's a real city relatively near here. LOL

  6. Cahoots eh?
    Well I did some checking with neighbours here and we all thought that the word was
    "dinky-di" Aussie as we have all been in 'cahoots" with mates in our childhood.
    Mostly for somewhat "devious or questionable" activities - the TOP SECRET STUFF.
    I recall childhood and secondary "cahooting" activities which got me into some strife
    with authorities ie: parents and teachers!
    Actually to give examples of present and recent "cahooting", I would say I am in "Cahoots"
    with your 100 plus % views on the present occupant of 1600 Penn Avenue.
    With two of your Aussie readers I would say I cahoot!
    Margaret Davis on her excellent geography and history etc etc winter travels to the north
    of Australia. My comments add some of my recollections to places she mentions - so that is a "cahoot".
    Then in 2006/2007 I was on a reunion committee and was in complete "cahoots" with
    Diane Bohlen, another follower of your blog - we "cahooted" like mad to get things best for all ex-ASOPIANS
    of the teaching fraternity who went to PNG, Nauru and to the Northern Territory at our big
    2007 reunion in Brisbane.
    Ah, nothing wrong with cahooting - we are always young if we CAHOOT.