Wednesday, July 12, 2017


It's been a long time between posts, maybe the longest ever.  What happened is ... I had a little medical situation and then I STARTED WRITING A BOOK!  So let me catch you up.

Grandson Jack (one of the twins) had a very successful baseball season with his team placing first in their division and going on to play in the city championship tournaments  last Saturday and Sunday. That's Jack in the red batting helmet.  His little brother wandered up to the bench to get some brotherly love.  They are 8 and 3.
Daddy and Mason were the announcers for the games.  The Astros came in second, just barely losing a heart breaker in the championship game. 

I must say, it was tough not to be there!

My medical situation involved several tests over a couple weeks and eventually a biopsy.  I waited another week for the results of the biopsy ... and waited ... waited ... waited.  Happily, the verdict was: benign. And the consensus: we will keep an eye on it. Not fun.
This weekend we needed to get out of the house, away from medical stuff.  

Friday night The Tams, a 60s beach band, was playing in Georgetown at Shaggin' on the Sampit.  
The daddies of these guys were pretty famous in their day, even had a couple national hits.  Of course you've heard  "Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy" haven't you??

It was hotter than blazes and the bugs were biting, but these guys were dancing fools.  I don't know how they didn't pass out.

Saturday night we headed to the beach to sit and commune with the full moon.  


I'll leave you with a little music from The Tams.  
On your feet everyone! 
 Let's (with apologies to my British friends for whom shagging does not mean dancing) shag!

P.S. More about my book next time.  


  1. Glad it was benign and Lord isn't the waiting the worst of it. Shagging on the beachfront. Can't wait to hear about your book.

  2. Glad it was benign and Lord isn't the waiting the worst of it. Shagging on the beachfront. Can't wait to hear about your book.

  3. Great to see Mason gamefully employed!
    Trust he didn't scream out to big brother, Jack - "Hit the BLOODY BALL
    over the fence and then run like bloody hell" ?????

    An author to be eh? "Shaggers on the Beach" ------Hmmmmm!
    But will it pass the censorship laws of the USA???

    Sorry never heard of that song or the artists?
    Good to know that medically you are OK.
    Cheers and I'll toast your health (maybe not the "shaggy Book")
    at the Terrigal Pub in the today weatherwise fine, sunny but coolish day
    in the shade

  4. Glad your news was good. Waiting really is the worst part.

  5. I hope that in watching the medical situation nothing is ever seen.

  6. Glad to hear the news was good.Looking at the photos of the baseball game must make you feel such a long way from your famile especially the grandchildren who are growing up so quickly. How wonderful to have a special thinking place so close to home. I have taken myself off to the Sussex coast for a couple of days to assess the events of the last month.

  7. Good news, but the WAITING...I am smiling about shagging on the seafront, I think you know why!!!!

  8. Hey less of the shagging in your life, more about the book - lol :) To be serious though, sorry to hear you have been through the worry of your medical situation. Good news to hear the outcome.
    Happy Thursday
    Wren x

  9. So happy to hear your biopsy was benign I was thinking of you.

  10. I am so glad it turned out to be good news. Times like that are hard! Oh my goodness, the "shag"! I love Beach Music and LOVE to shag! I did a post once on shagging and someone from over there...a British friend, as you said, left me a comment about what shagging means. :) My post mush have been awfully funny with talking about loving to shag. I know you must miss the sweet grandsons. They are so cute! All three of them!

  11. Dear Cynthia, I'm so happy for you that the tests came back benign. What a relief that must have been. And just keep watch may mean that if anything ever does happen--and we hope it won't--you'll catch the problem early.

    I've never heard of the Tams but they may have been popular when I was in the convent--for 10 years I didn't hear records!

    I'm so excited to learn about the book you are writing. That's wonderful. When I write, I discover what I think. Will it be fiction or nonfiction. Please keep us posted! Peace.

  12. Glad it turned out ok after the stressful wait Cynthia. Yes, I remember that song - no wonder they were all up dancing.

  13. Writing a book, how interesting. At least you can write very informative blog posts. So I am sure the book will succeed!

  14. So glad all is well. Nice to hear the Tams. Did they have a hit with 'Shagging in the Back row of the Movies'? - or was that the Drifters? :-) Look forward to hearing about the book...

  15. Sorry to hear about your medical issue but glad its not too serious and hope that it remains that way. It must have been a worrying time for you. The beach is a good place to clear your mind of worries and shagging too in both languages. Hee hee. The book sounds interesting and good luck with it. I have finished my second book but have bogged down in the third.

  16. Sorry about your medical issue, but so glad it came back benign! I've never heard of the Tams. Congrats on writing a book!

  17. Glad your test results show it is benign and that you had fun seeing The Tams.

  18. Yeah for a good report, those are scary times waiting, I am happy it was good news! :)

  19. How wonderful! You need to write a book! At least type the best ones out and get them to the Historical Museum where his parents lived:)