Saturday, February 17, 2018

We'll Travel for Miles With Our Saturday Smiles...

Remember that song?  We were singing it this morning on our way to get coffee (decaf Americano three shots please for me, coffee straight up no additions or amendments for The Writer) and shop groceries.  I'll put a link at the bottom in case you want to give it a listen.
We stopped at the postoffice and spotted a road we hadn't been down yet.  Of course, 

we had to explore.  At the end of it were some marinas for large boats and one for smaller fishing boats.  I liked this one.  

Can you see its name?  The GROUPER SNOOPER looks like it's been around for awhile.

On the beach we saw the first Atlantic ghost crab since fall, a good sized one, about as big as a man's fist.  

We have had a few lovely warm and sunny days to entice him out of his burrow four feet under the sand, but he was cold and moving very slowly.

If he had been warmer he wouldn't have stood still for photos!

This was a new burrow he had just started to dig.  

The eyes swivel to give him 360 degrees of vision!

Herb's Barbecue is a good place for a Saturday lunch.  He is only open for a few hours on Fridays and Saturdays so don't get a hankering for Herb's barbecue any other time of the week.  We aren't adventurous enough to try his specials (except collard greens, I LOVE collard greens).  Anyone for smoked pigtails and neck bones with lima beans?  We stick to the basic pork barbecue with Herb's sauce and you can't beat it!  
There are only two little tables and no one can get in the door to the counter if they are in use so everyone pretty much takes their plates home to eat.  

I just took The Writer's Valentine present out of the oven.  Rhubarb pie, his favorite.  My sister gave me the rhubarb and I've had it hidden away in the freezer for just such an occasion.  (We can't get rhubarb Down South.)  

Here's the link to "Come Saturday Morning".  What's cookin' on your Saturday?


  1. Sounds like about perfect. My email is working again if you want to resend your message.

  2. The Ghost Crab is spectacular. As you point out, had it been warmer it would have scurried off before allowing its picture to be taken. I can imagine that barbecued pork is really good if he can attract a clientele opening for such a few hours. Obviously it's good enough to get you going back.

  3. I love how you two are always out exploring new places. Aren't those Ghost Crabs cute! That is big one. That Rhubarb pie is such a good Valentine's Day surprise. One of these days I'm going to taste a rhubarb pie.

  4. Rather like rhubarb myself.
    The crab seems to have a cute face - often I looks at faces of creatures.

  5. Interesting food tit-bits.
    Obviously you didn't go to boarding school - you'd never
    go anywhere near Rhubarb again.
    Even seeing the word gives me "refectory nightmares"!

  6. What a lovely Valentines, we are great fans of rhubarb particularly in a crumble. We are going to try growing some this year. We are just like you exploring another area of the Island each time we go out. Coming out of the oven this week will be Roast pork, toffee cake, banana bread and apple crumble.

  7. Oh, I think I would love that rhubard pie, I like rubard, but have never eaten it in a pie.

  8. That's a very great time!! The carb was the giving pose to you.. it has excellent modeling sense..:D :D :D

  9. Well you had a fun day and had time to make a pie too! It snowed all day here:)

  10. Hi Cynthia, it's been a while since I've visited your blog (shame on me) but I enjoyed hearing about your day tripping and that pie sure looked good enough to eat...and it most likely was very tasty!

  11. Dear Cynthia, thanks for the song link. I know very little about the beach or the seaside and so the life and habits of crabs is a mystery to me. Thanks for introducing me to the Atlantic ghost crab! Peace.

  12. I Love your wee crab pics. It's great fun adventuring down roads you have never tried before as you often find something you would never expect. I can't imagine what a collard green dinner is - is there anything other than collard greens on the plate?

  13. What a lovely tour. I always enjoy beach scenes, no matter where they are. And, yes, I do remember the song! :)

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