Saturday, March 9, 2019

Around Town

It’s March and we are having a taste of spring.  Still way more rain than sunshine, as you can see by the gray skies.  It’s not raining at the moment so let’s take a little walk around the main street and oldest street of town, Front Street.

  Most of the boats that dock at the Independent Seafood Market are out fishing so the market isn’t open yet.  Do you see who is watching and waiting for it to open?

  Once the boats start coming in there will be cats everywhere.  A parade of cats will come from blocks away, crossing streets and yards to converge at the back door, receiving handouts of fish scraps.  

This smart guy is waiting to be first in line!

Next door are the docks for the Stormy Seas Seafood Company and their public market.

Adjacent to that is a boat repair business and marina where the Kissed Some Frogs is being worked on.  We’ve never seen Kissed Some Frogs before and we liked its fancy logo.  Most boats around here only get plain black letters spelling out their names. 

A couple blocks down Front Street is a new sign on a building that used to be an art gallery.

Isn’t that interesting!  

We have tons of seafood restaurants and gift shops, even a bakery now, but we certainly do not have a cafe featuring cats! I looked up their Facebook page and found they plan to open next month. Their goal is to mingle customers and cats and hopefully people will take home some of the many, many stray cats of Georgetown.  

I wonder if they have an opening for Chief Cat Petter? 

Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead tonight for Daylight Savings Time if you live in the U.S.  

And here is a little reminder:


  1. It is a great quote from Charles Dickens and one we should all keep in mind.

  2. Stray cats eh?????????? and in a food selling establishment???????
    You have a feral problem staring you right in the face.

    Good old Charles Dickens and I would be at loggerheads over this cat business!
    Pistols at dawn maybe - ha ha.
    I'll get Paul as my second.

    A certainly different look at life in your neck of the woods......Interesting????
    Certainly different.

  3. Those cat cafe's pop up here too. Haven't been to one yet, but read about it already. You can sit with drinks and cuddle a cat in the meantime.

  4. Are feral cats a problem there?
    Did I miss your St. Augustine post?

    1. The cats are a bit of a problem. People abandon them and then they multiply. Here is a link to the post i did on St Augustine.

  5. We have a feral cats problem here in Hawaii, I'm afraid. As for DST, I'm so glad we don't have to worry about our clocks in Hawaii. I think only Hawaii and Arizona have opted out of DST.

  6. Oh how cute is that cat waiting for the shrimp dock to open? Sounds like he should be careful otherwise he might find himself in a cafe up for adoption!
    Happy Wednesday!
    Wren x

  7. A fun stroll through town as always...Thanks :)

  8. Now I want shrimp.
    I wish Virginia did not have DST. It stays lighter anyway, why does it have to be daylight at 9 in the evening?

  9. Different life there, isn't it? I like the name Kissed Some Frogs. Purr and Pour is a clever name, too. I may need a boat of some sort to get down my driveway with the way the snow melt is pooling.

  10. Fresh shrimp what a treat! I can picture the cats coming from all over! :)

  11. I bet the owner of "Kissed Some Frogs" has a good story behind that name.

  12. Great Quote. I don't like cats especially feral ones they are a huge problem here destroying our native fauna. The seafood must be nice in this area.