Saturday, October 5, 2019

South Carolina Mountains - Table Rock State Park

  For my birthday trip this year, we decided to go to the South Carolina mountains instead of the North Carolina mountains where we usually go.  They are not quite as dramatic but they are still beautiful.

  We visited three state parks and a state wilderness area: Table Rock State Park, Caesar’s Head State Park, Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area, and Paris Mountain State Park.

  Table Rock in early morning.  

  The Cherokee Indians believed an enormous spirit presided over these mountains and that the rock in the center was his dining table, with the tree-covered mountain to the right the chair.  The haze covering the mountaintops gives the mountain range its name: the Blue Ridge Mountains.

  Later in the day we got a really good, almost clear view of Table Rock Mountain from the valley.  
  The park has beautiful waterfalls.  The state is in drought conditions so they weren’t as dramatic as they usually are.


To enter the park trails there is a kiosk where you register your group and the time you enter.  Unless you have an overnight permit you must be out before dusk.  People don’t understand the danger of mountain hiking and there have been many deaths over the years because of carelessness and being ill-prepared for conditions. 

This information is posted in the information center restrooms and other places as a sobering reminder to be careful!  

Cooling my feet in the waterfall pool ....

                     Bright purple beauty berries were in bloom. 

  October is a wonderful time to visit the state parks.  We had the trail, the waterfall, and much of the park completely to ourselves and spent a long time enjoying the sound and sight of the falling water and the glorious views.  


  1. It is a very beautiful area. i am sure that you are happy that you decided on a change of destination this year.

  2. Those warnings are very sobering. The scenery looks great but I bet that water was cold!

  3. Your "toes" look rather great - I'll swap?????
    Obviously no poddy calves, horses, football boots or doors are permitted in this park.

    The drought conditions in this South Carolina park area is far better than the conditions of
    similar parks here in Australia.
    Great photos.

  4. Hikers must take things seriously. You don't have to be in much trouble before it's serious.

  5. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a wonderful trip! That list is kinda scary! Cold here it might snow this week...we will see:)

  6. Best Wishes for your birthday Cynthia. That looks like a lovely place to spend it. Very peaceful.

  7. Beautiful place to visit. That death list is amazing. So much people falling in the waterfalls!

  8. We always loved going to the state parks in fall and spring on the mainland. We have tourists constantly needing to be rescued in Hawaii. People have to be careful.

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    loved your blog and found the sharing so beautiful !

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  11. It is a beautiful area. A great place for hiking. Love the waterfall photo.

  12. Wishing you a late Happy Birthday. I can't believe so many people have died from falling there. It sure is a pretty place.

  13. André Kertesz decía...Ver no es suficiente, tienes que sentir lo que estás fotografiand.
    Has sentido lo que veías, las fotos son bellísimas.
    Un abrazo.