Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Pluff Mud Days of Covid Times

Here’s me, keeping up with the latest fashion trend of the day!  

  Still sheltering in, ordering our food online and picking it up in the Walmart parking lot.  Walmart produce leaves a lot to be desired but when you live in a small town, you don’t have other choices.  

  We have made one trip in the last 10 weeks to Aldi 45 minutes away for organic produce.  We felt pretty comfortable with the procedures they have in place so we will probably go back once a month or so.   

  Some days feel like life is settling into a new routine we can be comfortable with, other days I feel like I’m trudging along in cheese grits.  How to look forward to things you have no idea when (or even if) you will be able to do again?  How to be content with nothing to plan and look forward to?  That is where I get into the pluff mud* of the mind.    

[* Pluff mud: that stinky, shiny gumbo mud that appears when the tide recedes from oyster flats.]

“If I wear my mask, can I drive?”

Herbs to flavor our wilty Walmart produce. 🙄

Sign outside a town business.  A comma might clarify the intention, no?

A message from the beach

And something for the ladies ...

Especially nice with your mask, right? 😷 


  1. Is someone really selling those earrings?
    We have ventured out again to Chik Fila for lunch to take to the park. No picnic tables so ate in the car. Maryland opening some things up but counties have discretion to wait if benchmarks aren't met. Howard County where we are will be waiting. Not enough PPE and contact tracers were two of the reasons given.

  2. I do know what you mean, its the not been able to plan a trip away and seeing the family that is hard. Take care and stay safe Cynthia.

  3. Ok..... Love the earrings! Really, the humor gets me through all this... well coffee helps too. Good to finally have a chance to stop by for a visit. I have three Mn read and black plaid masks that I seem to gravitate towards every day. Hmmm wonder why. Glad you are stay safe.

  4. greetings from Katowice world is strange now

  5. Many states are now opening up, some carefully and some recklessly it seems, so I guess we will soon know to what extent we get back to the way things were. I hope that opening up too soon doesn't cause an even greater hit from the virus. As for your fashion statement, you are right in style, fully in touch with current trends. Perhaps you will soon be on the cover of a magazine!

    1. I hope you noticed the owls on my mask, David!

  6. There's so much we don't know about this beast. It's the uncertainty that messes with our minds.

  7. Lovely photos.
    No wee can't plan for travel and many things, but that's the way it is so it's the matter of accepting it and thank goodness we are alive and ok..the rest will come later. Love those earrings.
    Take care.

  8. Yes that is the bad part, nothing to look forward to. And you don't know when it will end. We live the life every day the same.I loved to go to exhibitions, the movies and visit friends and family. It has all gone now.

  9. Nice mask! Bob looks like she could drive! Yes some days are the pits. Like you said nothing really to look forward to or plan for...but we are getting spring finally so hey that is a plus. We try to stay positive and be thankful for everyday! :)

  10. I like your mask, and you look pretty wearing it. I have a black one that I like to wear but someone told me I look like the Lone Ranger. Yep, that sign needs a comma. My daughter Lynn would probably wear those earrings with her mask. :)

  11. There have been some creative things appearing at this time. Sorry to hear you have some pluff mud times. I love that saying.We are lucky here to not have had any new cases in Queensland for a while. Our borders are closed to keep out the southerners where there are still cases being reported. We are slowly coming out of isolation. We can have 5 visitors. We can have groups of 10 in public spaces but must keep distancing. We can drive for 150 k away from home. We have never had to wear masks unless we were sick. Funny how each country has different rules.

  12. Oh my! At least you're still functioning. It's all necessary and in a good cause but if one can die of boredom I'm doomed no doubt the loss of (Mrs. T. Barb) and learning to live alone has added to the boredom.

  13. OH gosh! Those earrings are hilarious. I love the mask on the firecracker, too.