Thursday, September 16, 2021

One in Five Hundred?

Headline yesterday:

One in Every 500 Americans Dead From Covid.  

  At first we thought …. that can’t be right! 


  Doing the math, we found it sadly but indisputably correct.  

  Population of the US: 330 million. Deaths from Covid: 670,000.


  Just days ago the country remembered the 3,000 deaths on 9/11, marked the loss of lives with all kinds of emotion, patriotism, press, national and local displays, political speeches, memorial services.  

Yet, 670,000 deaths by Covid, 
           preventable, still rising daily, 
                   don’t seem to evoke the same sense of a tragedy 
                            many times larger. 

  I just don’t get it. 

  In 2001, an event that killed 3000 brought out the best in people. In 2021, 670,000 are dead and a vaccine that will save lives, based on the best science, is turned into a shouting match. A 5-inch square of fabric turned into a reason to attack each other with weapons in the grocery store.  

                What’s happened to people? 

  (All original artwork from ArtFields 2021: Numbers Have No Emotion, Stefanie Neuner; Tag! You’re It!, Stacy Bloom Rexrude; Mr. Covid’s Neighborhood, Keith Kennedy; and One, Colleen Galeazzi. 


  1. What happened to people? That really is the question, isn't it? I don't think you have to look any farther than the last occupant of the White House and the way that he constantly pitted one segment of society against another, and told any lie that suited his purpose. That legacy is going to be very difficult to eradicate, if indeed it is possible.

    1. I agree with your comment David, with just one additional twist. At the risk of opening up a political argument among other readers who supported Trump, I think what also happened is that we had a President who made some kinds of negative behaviors and false illogical thinking ok. Those citizens I believe have always been there within our society, but kept a lower profile because acting out as they do now was socially unacceptable. But I believe they were always there. You are correct - we are living within the shadow of the last President - and it will be very hard to get “pandora’s box” close again.

  2. I saw that statistic today in the paper too. You are so right. How can we mourn 3000 people for an event we could barely stop and for one we can stop deaths by vaccinations, people are not willing to take the needle to do it? We are a very sorry country in so many ways.

  3. I am not much hostility...and crime...shootings...when will it stop...if ever.

  4. what's happened to people?? I don't know...we live in a low vaccination area of a very red state - Missouri - where a cafe is refusing to abide by the county's mask mandate and now the whole thing is going to court even though the health department has tried and tried to close it. Hundreds have come out in support/protest of the cafe, not the mask mandate!! Plus my grandson's English teacher now has covid. Luckily he is old enough to be vaccinated and sits far away from her.

  5. Goodness, didn't know your statistics, that's dreadful - fighting and so on didn't know about that either.
    I don't get it either as we here in Australia have those that don't want to be vaccinated either, just thinking of themselves, so selfish.
    Take care.

  6. I didn't realise your death rate was so high. Ours is also far too high with people dying everyday yet a number of people are still refusing to be vaccinated. It is a selfish action.

  7. a disaster promoted by a con artist and followed by his cult of idiots.
    BTW I've loaned your father's story to several of my neighbors and everybody who's read it love to it

  8. I just checked the figures and the figures here in the UK are much the same as yours, about 1 in 505.

  9. I think we're experiencing the living legacy of #45.

  10. Yes its a shame that Covid hasn't brought people together like 9/11 did. We have had 1,138 deaths out of 25 million. Our vaccination rate is slowly growing but we hope to reach 80% soon. We also have antivaxers too but no screaming at others if they wear a mask.

  11. One in 500? Really? Good gosh! That is just amazing! And we've got a bunch of Anti-Vax, Anti-Maskers here in Hawaii planning a big rally tomorrow. What is wrong with these people?

  12. 1 in 500 and people are still refusing the shot. So scary.

  13. Dear Cynthia, I read the first comment and your response and agree with you. I note also that in the last 40 years, our culture had moved more into a "Me first" attitude that is non-communal. Many of us have forgotten that all of us are called to be "our brother's keeper." We are called to be compassionate listeners and empathetic healers. I think we have lost the sense of community that once bound us together. That didn't happen overnight. And as you said, there have always been those who didn't agree with the majority. But also, today we have so many who feel left out (and they have been) and who feel marginalized (and they have been) and who feel that they got lost in the crowd (and perhaps they did). But I also think we have many, many citizens--especially white men--who fear that they are losing their predominance in our country. Fear can bring out our worst instincts. For those who are fearful of losing their place on the stepladder of society, their fear has morphed into great anger. It's always problematic when we think that society is a stepladder that we must climb and get to the top! So much better to think that we are all part of a circle of Oneness.

    Quite truthfully, and on another note, right now, I am fearful for the survival of our democracy.

    And on that note, I will stop this long musing about where we are. Peace.