Saturday, August 17, 2013

Makin' Hay While the Sun Shines

 On the way to the Walman farm for eggs, I see that farmers have been busy this week.  The beautiful lines in these hay rows are pleasing to the eye.

Walmans have the best eggs, too big for the "jumbo" carton, and almost always a few with a surprise inside -- two yolks.  And bright orange yolks that stand up high when you fry them up.

The weather has been very dry for awhile and the deer are searching for water.  I saw one in a field and then these prints in some almost-dry mud where she had hoped to find a drink.
The wind turbines are controversial.  I like them and pay a bit extra per month on my electric bill to support this green energy.  This one makes a nice soft swishing sound as it goes around in the light breeze this morning.
And last, a sign of approaching autumn: the roadside berries are replacing the summer flowers in their show of color.

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  1. We have an egg farm not too far from us. You've just given me the motivation to go try some. Do you think those berries are edible?

  2. Lovely photos. Those eggs sound really good. Hello from Montreal.

  3. Beautiful late summer days. Hay fields are beautiful. Double-yoked eggs are a tiny breakfast miracle!