Sunday, September 29, 2013

Nine Things I Love About Londoners

Part of the reason I love my trips to England so much is the people I meet there. Here are some of the reasons I love Londoners.  

1. Londoners read.  Standing on the train, in the coffee shop, in the park, newspaper, paperback, Kindle, Smart phone--everyone is reading.

2. People actually seem pleased to help you find your destination and take time to make sure you've got it and are on your way.

3. Londoners don't complain incessantly about the weather.  They whip out the brolly and get on with life.

4. Shop keepers converse with you personally.  It's like Starbucks everywhere!

5.  Young people notice mums and older people standing and graciously offer their seats.

6. Londoners share a table in a crowded restaurant or coffee shop and make it seem like you are welcome to the party, not an imposition.

7. Shop keepers do not dump your change on the counter, bills and coins jumbled, and rush on to the customer behind you.

8.  People call you "luv", no matter what your age, they greet you with, "You all right?" as a conversation starter, and send you off with a bright "Cheerio!" 

9.  Young and old, unasked, help complete strangers with their luggage or baby stroller up the steps at the Tube station.

I love London too :-)
Thanks for reading my blog.  I enjoy reading your comments!


  1. What lovely comments Cynthia. I really enjoyed our day together only sorry I couldn't have joined you for another day. We'll have to save that for your next visit!

  2. OK. Perhaps we'll take a trip back to England someday. It's been a long time since we visited that beautiful country.

  3. An interesting observation. My daughter reckons they are more considerate drivers and let you in a queue.

  4. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the whole world took its que from England?

  5. What the Interesting things! thanks for sharing.

  6. yes, those are great things. in the subway somewhere there I saw a book vending machine. and there are posters for books. how did such a reading society ever develop?