Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rembrandt and Me, a Love Story

   This is the only Rembrandt owned by the Minneapolis Institue of Arts.  Whenever I am in the area, I stop by to gaze upon "Lucretia" and sigh and say hello. 
   Like most of Rembrandt's paintings, there is a story behind this one.  Lucretia was the wife of a Roman nobleman, known for her great virtue.  Her youthful beauty was desired by the son of the ruling emperor who told Lucretia she either slept with him or he would kill her and put her body into bed with her manservant.  Lucretia made the devastating confession of her "choice" to her husband and father-in-law. Then, in their presence, she plunged a knife into her own heart.
   She is so young, so sad, so beautiful as her life pours out.  And Rembrandt's genius makes me want to reach out and hug the poor child!   I always walk away with a big sigh, as if I have just had a good, cleansing cry.  

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  1. Nice post with beautiful paintings! Thanks for sharing the story behind the paintings..

  2. So sad yet beautiful. Thanks for sharing the story behind this exquisite Rembrandt painting.

  3. I read you visited London at the blog of After 60-thenext and I switched to your blog and there I see our great painter Rembrandt! This one I didn't know, I am always surprised to see so many Rembrandts abroad than we have in our country.

  4. This is such a sad, awful tale but a dramatic inspiration for that incredible painting.

  5. How tragic! But what a beautiful time you have visiting museums. Such places are top of my to-visit list when I retire. Soooonnnnn I hope.


  6. What a tragic story for such a beautiful portrait. Rembrandt captures all her anguish and pain... thank you for the sharing the background.