Wednesday, November 20, 2013



Photo by Per Eide and Bengt Wilson
From The Norwegian Kitchen  

   Here's a little challenge for you.  What is this?

Clue: It's a necessary tool in a Norwegian American home, especially at Christmas.

Need a closer look?

Extra credit for knowing the correct answer even though you have no Scandinavian blood!
I'll let you guess awhile before I tell you the answer.

It's a rommegrot whip!  And rommegrot is a festive pudding made at Christmas time with sour cream (must be at least 35% fat), whipping cream, flour, milk, and cinnamon.  As it is cooking, it has to be beaten constantly to make the fat all rise to the top, and the cook twirls the stick between both palms to beat it. Otherwise, your arm would fall off with all that beating! When the fat rises, you skim it off and pour it back on top, along with cinnamon sprinkles, when the pudding is cooked.  
Rommegrot...another white food brought to you by the Norwegians!
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  1. I have no idea, but I sure am curious!!

  2. I live in Sweden, but still have no idea!

  3. Cool..yes they have lots of good white food...I think it may be what keep them from freezing to antifreeze:)

  4. Wow! That was a challenge, but so much fun! I'm curious about how it tastes since I love pudding.

  5. I would never have thought that would be for a pudding! I was thinking of umbrella prongs for a table (??). xx

  6. A very cool tool. I thought it might be used to pull racks out of a hot oven, but once again I was wrong :)

  7. I have Swedish blood, but had NO idea! The pudding looks like good comfort food!