Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Upcycled, Recycled: "New" iPad Case

   When I first got my iPad, I made a case to protect it from wool I knitted and felted.  Unfortunately, it was a light beige color and hard to keep clean.  So I dyed it with tea.  The dye didn't take evenly and it looked blotchy, and although I used it, I wasnt happy with it.
   Today I decided to make a new cover.  I looked through my stash of fabric, and came up with an upcycling, recycling project.
I cut up a piece of homespun that used to be a jumper and cut layers of flannel scraps to pad the bag.
I added some embroidery I did many years ago.  I still like this gardening angel and remember how much fun I had learning some fancy new embroidery stitches to make the flowers.

Next I made a pocket to hold a pen and a stylus.  That way I won't have to fish around in the bottom of the bag to find one when I need it.

   There you have it. I'm happy with it, and a big chunk of fabric has a new life instead of ending up in the landfill. 
   What about the old wool one?  Wool dyed with tea contains no harmful chemicals and can be cut up and added to the compost heap.  Where the gardening angels will magically recycle it into new garden soil in the spring! 


  1. I am impressed. It looks great and will, of course, serve a very useful purpose.

  2. Gardening angel is perfect for you

  3. What a great idea. It looks absolutely beautiful and artistic. Any iPad would be happy in that case.

  4. Perfect - I especially like the embroidery touch.

  5. You certainly are a waste not want not person. Also very creative. It looks great and practical