Friday, January 16, 2015


First of all, just for the record, I walked UP the steps in the Lambeth North station, turned around, and took the photo!

Now the car. Marie came through again!


It's a 1934 Standard 10, a brand I had never heard of but apparently quite popular in its day. Apart from info about cylinders and struts and other incomprehensible stuff, I found out it cost £185 new, and looked something like this.






Or, if you want one for your wedding or other fancy transportation needs (as long as they occur in the vicinity of Swindon UK because they don't like to take it too far afield ), you can contact and reserve their 1934 Standard 10 car, which looks like this.




Oh, and their website says it does come with a sunroof, wire wheels and a "fabulous sounding 'ooga' horn that commands everyone's attention"!

Who wants to go for a ride?



  1. Magnificent motor car!
    I should think the hire costs for a wedding or to be taken'somewhere
    flash in one of these might almost cost the ordinary folk - a MORTGAGE!
    Nevertheless - you only live once.
    Aussie Col

  2. I'd love to go for a ride! That is one nice looking car.

  3. Sounds like greatfun, Cynthia.... Come to Texas and pick me up so we can drive thru the Hill Country!

  4. Cynthia, I would to ride it but I think it so expensive but definitely worth.

  5. Wow, an amazing car I would love to go for a ride.

  6. Looks like a London taxi. I'm impressed by you going UP the stairs.

  7. It is a "look at me car" today .

  8. Such beautiful motor cars! What strikes me is how thin the wheels are (which is my husband rubbing off on me because I would have never noticed that before!). ..but still, I'd love to take a ride in one :)

  9. Those are pretty darn fancy car! It must be fun to ride in them.