Sunday, November 13, 2016

Total Frustration and a Veterans Day Parade

The frustration is this.  Two days ago my blogging app for my iPad, which I have loved and used for years (Blogsy), overnight ceased to exist.  I have tried the two other available apps for iPad and neither one will work.  I can say that with confidence after two days of great effort and waaaaay too much time. 
 So here I am on my laptop, which I haven't opened for almost two years, on Blogger, which is a big fat pain in the neck to get pictures on. 

Anyway, the parade. Friday was our first Veterans Day parade in our small town and we enjoyed it.

It was the first event held downtown where we saw blacks and whites come together.

It began with veterans in old cars, fancy sports cars, and on motorcycles.

This guy had the nicest, happiest smile. 

The law says segregation has ended, but the schools here, by virtue of their location, are pretty much still segregated.  Also, many white kids attend private academies where blacks are excluded by cost. This is a black elementary school marching band.  Elementary schools Up North don't have marching bands.
And here is a white marching band with one brave black young lady out front carrying the banner.

In Minnesota, this would be a farm wagon pulled by a pickup.  Here it is a boat full of Cub Scouts. 

A couple little guys were carrying a handmade sign thanking veterans for their service to our country.

Black veterans' group ...

White veterans' group
Descendants of veterans of the American Revolution

Candy for the kids

 My favorite veteran!
I also want to thank all those who commented on my last post.  I do appreciate your commiseration and comments.  I think this was one of those watershed events in history where the ground is shaky and will be for a good while.  Life goes on.  


  1. Its nice that everyone can come together to honour the veterans.

  2. Cynthia I love your multicultural parade. My favourite are white and black veerans..

  3. What a great parade! I am sorry about your blog app, I suppose Blogsy got overtaken by something else. I like the app that I use with my Ipad, but I don't use it very often:)

  4. You don't miss a thing. Your town had a fun parade. Integration has a long, long way to go yet.

  5. The black man on the bike, the last person on the bike - just priceless smiles.
    Seems all had a good day remembering.

  6. It is nice to have a common parade that maybe would bring some fun and people together in these hard times. The world is not becoming nicer at the moment.

  7. They may have come together for the parade but by the separation of the groups the segregation is still evident. How sad.