Thursday, June 8, 2017

A Little Wildlife at the Beach

I know it's a gaggle of geese when they are on the ground ... 
(and a skein when they are in the air), but don't these look like a herd grazing in the parking lot?

There are 25 or so goslings and 7 adults tending them.  

Keep your eye on that adult in the center.

He has lowered his head and started hissing while walking toward the photographer -- moi.

The little ones pay no attention and keep walking toward me.

 And since I didn't back down, he turned his attention to the errant little guys, hissing and honking and directing them to GET BACK NOW!  
They did.

Waaaay up the beach where we seldom venture this guy overlooks all the crazy traffic and tourists and has a good laugh.  

Dogs are fine with us.  In fact, we like them better than we like some people.

Purple martins were encouraged by the planters who first summered on Pawleys Island because they are mosquito eating machines.  The tradition has been carried on and martin houses and swooping martins are everywhere on the island.  And, I must say, I've never been bitten by a mosquito on Pawleys! 


Cormorant enjoying the view and alligator on the tiny island.  The sign says something about leaving the alligators alone; they are dangerous.
Sometimes cormorants and a gator share this little island.  I guess gators don't like the taste of cormorants.  Otherwise the bird could quite easily be gator lunch.

I'll end with this guy, plucked from the sand while we were looking for turtle nests 
on Pawleys Island.  
I think he enjoyed the view better from up here!


  1. I agree, they do look like a herd.

  2. Dinosaurs seem to be prolific around the world at the moment. I loved seeing the tour, the alligator on the island was a delight. I wonder what else is lurking???

  3. Fun post though one item reminded me how for unknown reasons purple martins seem to becoming scare in parts of Minnesota...:(

  4. Beaches without huge crowds allow the critters some living space. Nice shots.

  5. Lovely set of photos C.
    I'm amused at King Kong (hope that's correct)

  6. Some amusing views today. Mozzy eating birds are a boon.

  7. Enjoyed that. We could do with some purple martins in places over here, if they could survive. For some reason, you reminded me of some politician or other over here, who said that he was aware certain allegations had been made against him and was looking forward to confronting the alligators.

  8. What is that figure you rescued from the sand? A dinosaur toy?

  9. Nice series. We see the geese here too. They are with many of them. Great to see the empty beaches.

  10. Looks like another nice walk on the beach. Hope younspotted some nests. I'm still smitten with the beautiful crawl tracks in the sand.

  11. Somedays I like dogs better than people too:) Those Canada Geese can be mean ! :(

  12. What is that figure you rescued from the sand? A dinosaur toy?

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