Wednesday, September 13, 2017

All is Calm, All is Bright

Thanks so much for your caring thoughts and good wishes for my mom and our safety. 

 lrma came through Monday with 50 mph wind gusts and rain that fell sideways, but we are just fine.  We are at 12 ft. above sea level so we didn't get any water other than puddles.  However, Front Street, the main street of our town, is right on the harbor, and it didn't fare as well.  

The photos were taken on Monday as the worst of the storm was just winding up.  They are from the Internet -- I was safely at home, not out walking in flood waters like some people!  The stores had been sandbagged when we went through town on Saturday so I'm hoping their inventory was spared.  We checked on the old sailboat and it came through without a scratch.  
The sun is has been out and a beautiful breeze is drying things up nicely here in Georgetown. 
My mom's home in Florida was not damaged by the hurricane but the electricity is still out at the care home and everyone is quite uncomfortable as the air-conditioners can't run.  At another facility in Florida five elderly people have died from the heat so we are hoping they get power back very soon.  
On the Facebook page for my mom's town someone posted this yesterday:

"Have someone's white carport in my yard. 
 Will trade for my missing piece of tan siding."

Sometimes the best thing you can do is laugh!


  1. That is good news. It is good that people can laugh about their ordeal.

  2. hope the ordeal will soon over.. Praying..

  3. Glad you guys are safe, hope your Mom gets air conditioning back soon, even when the temperatures aren't too high the humidity is awful.

  4. Bit of a clean up for the Main Street - otherwise all OK.
    Pity about no aircon for the retirement back up emergency supply???
    I would have thought that would have been installed,,,,,especially in a hurricane
    prone area.

  5. Laughter like the sign you posted about can be a big help in pushing on in frightening times. I am glad you came through ok.

  6. Glad you are okay, I thought of your Mom today when I heard of deaths in a nursing home, poor elderly people.

  7. So glad that you got home safely and your home isn't damaged but it looks like your town does have some problems. We found too after our big flood in 2011 that there were a lot of humorous post and signs. I guess humour keeps you going when under stress.

  8. Glad you had no floodings in the house. Had to think about your mom too when I heard the news about the loss of lives in an eldery home in Florida. You can see the news goes woldwide even to our small country...

  9. I suppose laughter is all there is left. Glad you are safe and well, hopefully power will be restored in your Mums care home soon.

  10. That is a brighter way to look at it. I like that. Praying that your Mom's A.C. is back on soon. Happy that you all are safe and well.
    My husband's brother in Jupiter and younger one in palm beach county we haven't heard from yet. Friends in putnam o.k... Sad that five died from heat , awful to hear. That freak tornado that came through Palm Beach county a few years back took the life of my husband's mom a few months later. . The weather has been rough on Florida for sure. Thank you for your comment on my post and for noticing the Super Sister shirt, Genevieve is missing her sister at times and at other times, not so much as she is paid more attention too.

  11. Laughter is always good! Glad to hear the boat got through ok, sorry to see the photos of your main street and hope those sandbags worked to keep out some of the water. Gosh your Poor Mum without aircon. We heard about the care facility on our news here, it's tragic.
    Take care
    Wren x

  12. It was interesting to learn waht a difference 12 feet above sea level can make. Thanks for letting us know you and your mom are okay.

  13. Glad you all are safe. Glad too that your mom's home was not damaged. That is a lot of water in the streets! Hope all the power is back on soon.