Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Vizcaya Wedding

We have been in Miami for five days for the wedding of The Writer's son, held in a mansion-turned-art-museum, Vizcaya, on Biscayne Bay. It was built by James Deering, of International Harvestor fame.  

Deering, never married, had the Italianate house and gardens constructed between 1917 and 1922 as a place to entertain his friends.  Guests were expected to approach by yachts from the water so the bay side is the front of the house.  The wedding reception dinner and dance were held on the two levels of terrace just beyond the concrete boat.  

Part of the 1,000 acre estate is 
natural tropical jungle.

The formal gardens and sculptures 
were  lovely.  

At the end  
is the garden house (below) and reflecting pond where the ceremony took place.

Follow the rose petals up the stone stairs

Married and ready to party!

Some of the beautiful interior design and details 

🌹. 🌹. 🌹

In keeping with the wedding theme, I saw this this morning and thought it would be fun
 to put here.  I'll start.  

We met in the teachers' workroom after The Writer (aka The Actor) did a show for an assembly at my school.  He was attempting to repair a stage light.  Our first date was on a tennis court and I think I'd rather be married there than the teachers' workroom which always smelled of stale coffee and donuts!

How about you?


  1. We met on the patio at high school, we were juniors.

  2. At a picnic table near the Mississippi River in downtown St. Paul.

  3. What a romantic and beautiful place for a weddding.

  4. We met in a park in Fairfax Co, VA summer jobs for both of us, so the wedding would be lake side at Burke Lake Park.

  5. Spectacular setting for a wedding.
    The wedding cake!!!! I am agog with the thoughts of my gluttony!

  6. The historic Supreme Court Building in Jefferson City, MO.

  7. Love those historic mansions.. it is beautiful..

  8. Beautiful place for a wedding and interesting history as well.
    Bride and groom look ever so happy.

  9. What a stunning setting and that cake!!! Gerard and I met in my office at Middle Wallop Army Air Corps Centre where we were both serving. I will share the recipe for the marmalade on my blog later today.

  10. I met my husband when I was 10! He had lunch with my mother and me for a year because his school was in our neighbourhood and his home to far in Amsterdam to go back and forth in 3 quarters of an hour. I found him a terrible boy, always chatting all the time and was relieved when the year was over and he had gone! At a party about 10 years later I met him again and we fell for each other and our married for 47 years now....

  11. I definitely would NOT want to marry Poppy where I met him. I was driving my Corvette through a trailer park where he was sitting on a fence. He whistled at me as I passed by. Pretty redneck sounding, I know. :) Such a beautiful place for a wedding. Looks like a storybook wedding.

  12. Highschool and I wouldn't want to get married there either. That looks like a beautiful setting for a wedding and such a good looking couple:)

  13. Wow, that is some venue! The whole wedding looks spectacular.
    I first met my man when he appeared at my front door - but had spoken to him previously.

  14. What an interesting/stunning place for a wedding. I met my husband of 54 years at my brother's house where he was visiting my sister-in-law, his first cousin. Both my brother and SIL are gone now, as is that house which was torn down after a flood a few years ago, not the first flood in its history but the final one!

  15. What a fabulous venue for a wedding and that cake!!!!We met at a party in a private house in Pt Moresby. We were also married in Pt Moresby.It was a nice place to be in the 60's but not now after independence, to much crime and corruption.

  16. At a party about 10 years later I met him again and we fell for each other and our married for 47 years now....