Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Charleston Halloween

Charleston is a place with so much history and we love to explore the old streets and alleys, not the famous ones that attract all the tourist mobs but little out-of-the-way ones like these.  Here's a street, Adgers Wharf, paved with rocks from Europe that came over as ballast in the ships.  

It's quiet now, but in the 1700s when Charles Town was a walled city, the wall, along with fortifications holding cannons, ran along to the right.  For the next couple centuries fishermen came in from the sea  at Adgers Wharf and carried the fish up this street to be sold at the markets, door to door, or right on the street.  

Off the streets are the alleys that housed the poor tenement dwellers; today the same tenements are million dollar renovated town houses.

And off the alleys are the public walkways leading to the doors of more homes.  Many are named and many decorate for holidays like

One of the barrier islands off Charleston, Sullivan's Island, is one of those lovely old neighborhoods, too.  There are two houses there you can always count on for some holiday spirit.

Hope you weren't eating lunch while reading this!  



  1. My goodness what a display. Happy Halloween.

  2. Charleston looks so much like a European city, rather than anything from the New World. We don't generally make much of Halloween in England but this year there seem to be very few houses decorated.

  3. wow what a great city..... I love paved street which were very common in the past

  4. Charleston is a such a great city. I haven't been there during Halloween, though. Looks like fun!

  5. I absolutely loved my visit to Charleston. It is a really fascinating city with the old preserved so well.
    Certainly one US city which is so seeped in history.

    Halloween is getting more attention here in Australia these years but I totally ignore it.
    Shops seem to be able to cash in very well with it............one fruit market chain here
    reputedly ran out of pumpkins!!!

  6. Such a beautiful place.. I've read so many novels based on Charleston, that I'm eager to visit the place...but when can I do that I've no idea..

  7. Lovely place with the old houses and European coble stones.

  8. I learn so much from your travels, even in your own town. I didn't realize Charleston had once been walled off!

    I love Halloween, any holiday really, which involves interesting outdoor displays but never got into decorating the outdoor spaces of my homes. Guess it's that minimalist mentality that tells me if I decorate for the seasons like that I'd have to find some place to store the décor until the following year that stops me.

  9. The off streets and places are often the nicest.

  10. one fruit market chain here reputedly ran out of pumpkins!!!


  11. lovely photos! What a pretty place. :)