Friday, November 3, 2017

Back in the Sunshine State

Mom is making good progress from walker to cane but she still needs help with many things so I'm back on duty for awhile.  The Writer returned home to work today as he is in the process of publishing a book.  Hopefully he will remember to come back to pick me up.  Sometimes he gets holed up in his office and is oblivious to the world for days, so you never know!  
First on the agenda was to get Mom a new washer and dryer and put it in a more convenient location (as in, no stairs).  
Nothing is ever simple but we thought this company had the right stuff for an installation job that involves crawling under the house.  A sense of humor should help.  

Speaking of a sense of humor, I'm not sure if this is a distress call or a leftover Halloween trick.  Hopefully the latter.  

Have you heard about the painted rocks people leave here and there with instructions on the back to either keep and enjoy the rock or rehide it?   A website address is on the back where you are supposed to leave a photo and info about where you found the rock so the originator can see where his rock has traveled.  I found this one on Pawleys Island SC beach and Bob was happy to pose for the photo which we then posted.  It turns out that a class of school children in Tennessee had painted rocks and placed them and I don't know what other stops it made on its way to our beach but it was fun to find it.

We debated about where to rehide it and yesterday decided on Wabasso Beach near my Mom's place.  We will be checking it's progress on the website and see who finds it and where it goes next. 

I haven't shared any photos of Mason for awhile so in case you wonder what he has been up to, here's Mason with an inflatable Spider-Man he got for his birthday.  That's what happens when Grandpa chooses the present!

Now Nana, on the other hand ....


  1. Hope you're mum's OK. An inflatable Spider Man - of course! Didn't someone have the (rather neat) idea years back of painting and varnishing rocks, giving them names and selling them, boxed, as 'Pet Rocks'? It amused me - and I've often considered nicking the idea myself. Times are hard.

  2. Hope your mom is the inflatable Spiderman that is cute!!

  3. No young man should be without an inflatable Spiderman - an eminently sensible educational toy.
    Hope your mother continues to make good progress.

  4. Glad your Mom is improving. What kind of book, fiction or non-fiction? The rocks sound like fun.

  5. No doubt you will be very busy over the next couple of weeks. So good your mum is making progress but i expect it's a worry for you living so far away. How Mason has grown. Where have the years gone? Clever idea to paint and individualise the rocks.

  6. What fun with the painted rocks! Here they would just get covered with snow. It is cold and snowy are not missing a thing! I am glad your Mom has you to help her and I hope all goes well for her at home:)

  7. Good job in helping your Mom. A more convenient set of washer drier is a good idea.

  8. What a nice post, you made me laugh with the last one. I love that idea of the travelling stones.

  9. Grandchild is sweet with that spiderman :)
    It seems not all plumbers go under houses in that area - here they do.