Wednesday, December 20, 2017

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

Change is, of course, as inevitable as gravity.  We get signed up for it the moment we are conceived and it continues even after death as we are re-formed and emerge as part of something else in the natural world.  We drag our feet, try to slow change down and hang on to memories and loved ones, through holiday traditions.

Little changed about Christmas when my mom and her sister, my sister and I, then my children, were growing up.  The extended family lived within miles of each other and we all celebrated with the traditions, the language, the foods of my Norwegian grandparents.  Even when my grandparents' generation had all passed on, when my daughters began their independent lives, when my grandchildren were born, for all those years we still gathered in snowy Minnesota and kept the traditions as well as we could.  

Well, this is the year of big change.  My mom is alone and can no longer fly to Minnesota, the daughter with children can't leave Minnesota, Sarah now lives in Germany.  
Christmas will still be wonderful but along with the hustle and bustle and joyfulness, I think we all feel a bit adrift.  

Instead of baking cookies with four generations of cooks in one busy kitchen (and with lots of little helpers manning the sprinkles), I baked by myself.  This afternoon we walked around the neighborhood visiting and dropping off plates of cookies.

Earlier I dropped off warm hats I've been knitting at Helping Hands where they will be handed out to those who need one at a Christmas food giveaway.  

Sunday we will drive south to my mom's in Florida, and so will my  sister and her husband from Wisconsin.  They're  bringing lefse and herring -- you can't find that in Georgetown!

We'll sing some Christmas carols but they will all be in English as we can't remember the words in Norwegian anymore without the help of the older ones. 
 There will be no snow or children waiting for Santa, but there will be love and cookies and a Merry Christmas all around!

The lights are from Pack Square in Asheville, NC, where we were last week.  
The square is a joyous Christmas wonderland of lights.


  1. Christmas of a different kind this year for you. New traditions to be established and enjoyed. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Christmas will be at my house as usual. The difference this year will be me staying in London and not travelling to Manchester to spend Boxing day with Mum. She will be missed.

  2. So some Norway in Florida.............well that will be an improvement for that state.
    Hope you have a great time with your mother and sister. I am sure the rest of family will be
    with you in spirit. I'm having Christmas at my sister's (Lynette) daughter's (Kate) place.
    We HOPE to get mother there for a little time. The great grandkids - I think 6 on Lynette's
    side will be there..........hopefully they will be all water babes and stay in the pool.
    Kate and her family live about 1/2 between my place, Terrigal, and Mother at Bateau Bay.
    Just 10 minute, traffic permitting at this time of year, both directions.
    Yesterday was an absolute scorcher but a storm came late afternoon and the temperature
    Cheers and have fun

  3. Things do change. Our family is all spread out, most of my family is in Oklahoma, most of Mac's in California. We're lucky that our daughter always comes home to us for Christmas, it would break my heart if she didn't. You are so lucky to still have your Mom, mine has been gone for 24 years and Mac's for 27.

  4. Now that's a big change for you at Christmas time. As times passes it does change with family gone, going or coming.
    Merry Christmas.

  5. It's odd, but I suppose not surprising, how life comes in phases - and Christmas is a time that makes you think about that. Have a wonderful one, and all that's good in the year ahead. Thanks for all your visits and comments!

  6. A nice post. To have such an extanded family, spread all over the country is difficult to get together. Those distances in your country amaze me always. Have a nice time all of you.
    Greetings Marianne

  7. Herring and lefsa! I do enjoy the herring and my husband the lefsa. We have brand new snow, it will sparkle when and if the sun comes out, and it will squeek beneath our feet. It will be -50 below windchills in a few days...Christmas or the day after...uffda. I am real sure I could miss that and not be sad. Today I shovel what I can....I think the days of clearing off the entire patio have come and gone. Merry Christmas from Minnesota! :)

  8. Merry Christmas. We had our family celebration on the 17th as the daughters are having the 25th with their in laws, both of whom live in GA.

  9. Big changes here too, it will be the first year in 36 years that we will be spending Christmas alone. I do feel blessed that we have had several celebrations already. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas despite the changes.

  10. Just stopping by to wish you and The Writer and families a Merry Christmas. You know what Santa's Helpers are called right? Subordinate Clauses. ;-)