Saturday, September 14, 2019


  I have a few more photos to share with you from my trip home to Minnesota a few weeks ago.  I realized I had shown a number of Mason, the youngest, (because he was the one home all the time I was there) and none of the older boys.  So ...

  This is Lincoln, the oldest, who will be 11 in a few days (we are birthday twins — just a few years difference!).  He loves Legos and has been making intricate creations since long before he could read the instructions himself.  His favorite is the one at the top of the bookcase — Hogwarts Castle from Harry Potter.  He plays on football and basketball teams.

The middle two boys are twins, age 10.

Jack is in the chess club at his elementary school and plays in chess tournaments in the city and state.  My daughter and I were shopping for some school clothes and spotted this chess-themed t-shirt, which says, “Always Three Steps Ahead”.  That’s Jack.  (He  loved the shirt!)

Aiden plays chess with the school club and has some trophies too but his “thing” at the moment is soccer.  He’s playing on his first traveling team this fall after playing on rec teams since he was four. 


    When I lived in Minnesota I was their day care person from the time the twins and Mason were born.  They are dear, sweet boys and I sure miss seeing them every day!


  1. They seem like fine, well-balanced kids with talent for both physical and cerebral activity. i am sure that you enjoyed seeing them again.

  2. you have a great family love from Poland

  3. Great photos. That was quite a time commitment to be day care provider. Friend is doing that for her 9 month old granddaughter and finding it exhausting. I only was a once a week day care and then those were days daughter worked from home so she was there too.

    1. Haha, it was exhausting. Especially when the twins were babies. At the same time! But a wonderful opportunity I wouldn’t have missed for anything.

  4. Academic with the chess and sporty with the soccer. Great.
    No couch potatoes in the Haus of Don and Anna!
    PS: He with still a very painful toe.

  5. They look wonderful boys, a pity you see them not that often.

  6. You must still have a close bond with them despite the distance between you all. They look delightful young men.

  7. Handsome and accomplished lads!

  8. Very handsome indeed, you must miss them terribly. I know how hard it is to live so far away from family but modern technology helps.

  9. Handsome Grands! I know you miss them! Makes your visits special! :)

  10. Grand kids are such a blessing in life.

  11. What wonderful photos. They have such fun lives already between the chess and the soccer and the football that would be busy! Lovely that you got to spend some special time together.

  12. Dear Cynthia, since 2011, when I met her through blogging, a lovely young woman in Idaho has adopted me into her family as has her husband and their four children (who call me Grandma Dee). It is this experience that helps me understand the underlying tone of tenderness within this posting of yours. Peace.