Friday, March 20, 2020

Facing Facts: The New Normal

  Like everyone else’s everywhere, our path has taken an unexpected detour, derailed by a tiny piece of genetic material with a protein coat and a crown ...

  In a few days our little world of 9,000 — Georgetown,SC, USA —  has shrunk to the few people we can see from our doorstep.

 Schools, public buildings, businesses all have makeshift CLOSED signs taped to their doors.  A few continue to serve the public from drive-up windows and medical clinics offer triage and procedures while you remain in the parking lot in the safety of your car.  The Sheriffs Department will now deliver your prescription to your door so seniors don’t have to risk catching germs in line at the pharmacy.

A month ago this would only be the stuff of an apocalypse movie plot!

  Like everyone everywhere, we had plans.  We had to-do lists, we had appointments, a 93-year old mother and a brand new grandchild awaiting our visit.  

  Like everyone everywhere, we have cancelled the plans, stocked the freezer and pantry, laid in our prescriptions for a month.  We wash our hands frequently and now maintain a safe distance from all humans except each other, six or eight or ten feet, depending on who you believe.  

  Now what?  

  Little by little the reality of what this pandemic might mean is sinking in.  With it, in the dark of night, anxiety and fear steal in, wash over us, threaten our equilibrium.  

But, there is no comfort, nothing is accomplished, in fretting over that which you cannot control.  So, we hope, we adjust, and life goes on.  
  We live near many beautiful secluded trails, luckily still open, so we can still get out of the house to hike and bike.  


Huntington Beach State Park, live oak cluster. 

Santee Coastal Preserve, “Christmas Wreath” lichen.

First gator of the season, Santee Coastal.

Emerging water plants  
Santee Delta Wildlife Management Area

  So, that’s what we have been up to: 
forest bathing — soaking up the beauty of spring while boosting our immune systems with phytoncides, NKs (natural killer cells) from the trees and plants. 

  Why not?  They’re free, it’s fun, it’s “social distancing”, it can’t hurt while we all wait for a Covid-19 vaccine to come along!  


  1. Tough times. We are all in self isolation now. Food stocks are low in the stores and that is creating a problem. Thank heavens for the internet for keeping us in touch with one another.

  2. Many unknowns at this time. we dare not challenge the little piece of genetic material.

  3. You're lucky to have prescriptions delivered we don't but we have a month's supply.

  4. I suppose we'll find a way through all this, after all it's affecting everyone so we're not alone even if we are self-isolating. I'm also lucky in having plenty of places to walk nearby.

  5. Interesting read what's happened there in your neck of the woods.
    Nice photos, that tree is amazing, well both trees are.
    Keep well and safe.

  6. Our world has changed suddenly drastically, it feels so strange not to be able to do the thing you want. The same here, walking around in the surrounding. It feels so strange not to be free to go where you want.

  7. Yes plans change...stay safe! Always good to hear what is happening in your life! Pat Bob for me!

  8. I have a list of things to keep me occupied. We can still meet up with other residents here if we keep the distance. Did that this morning to catch up on each other's news. Unfortunately fitness center here was closed and it's likely the fitness videos they were showing will also go next week. At least we can walk outside and drive somewhere to walk. Spring is upon us and has no knowledge of coronavirus.

  9. I think the reality of this is beginning to sink in. Never thought we would be standing in the dark waiting for Walmart to open, but we were this morning at 6:30. We actually needed some things. Maybe we should have been hoarding back when there were still paper products on the shelves. We found two rolls of Viva towels but no toilet tissue. Hope things get better soon and you can spend time with your mother and your new grandchild. Those trees are amazing. Such a pretty park.

  10. Tough times for all of us. The story is the same! Who would have thought it would take a virus, something we can't see - to put perspective on our daily lives. To make us appreciate what we had and now do not. Stay well.

  11. Yes life has changed such a lot. We are in complete lockdown here in New Zealand and I'm so grateful for that, that it's been done fairly early. Have just ordered in a food box, which is full of fruit and veg and healthy food, and a bunch more seeds to get the garden up to production now that we are getting some rain. Stay well Cynthia, I feel for you all over there.

  12. Beautiful pictures! I love the clustered oak. We go out for a drive, but not too long as no places for restrooms are open. Maybe a gas station of course, but I rather come home. Gotta stay in to get this virus moved on through. Not to hard to do for me and my siblings especially. Growing up mom would shop every two weeks for groceries. We didn't eat out but maybe once every two months as it was just too expensive then with six children. We had imaginations and loved being at home as it was where all our stuff was , no problem. Hard for the kids today though. I do believe though there could be more home schooling after this. My grand children have learned more at home with their work books and more time taken with them. They enjoy it actually. I am so proud of how far and how much they have learned.

    Stay safe and well, Betsy