Monday, June 8, 2020

‘Turning Pain Into Purpose’

Georgetown, SC — one small town in the American South
6 June, 2020

The protest organizers, leading hundreds, are a group of high school students.
“The color of our skin is not a weapon.”

The little girl’s shirt: “I am my ancestors’ wildest dream.”
“Equality not brutality”

“Turn our pain into purpose.Vote, vote, vote.”
“We rise.”

“Say these names”
Trayvon Martin Tamir Rice Eric Garner George Floyd Philando Castile Breonna Taylor
and on and on ...

“No justice, no peace.  No racist police.” 

“I can’t breathe.”
“We need love not hate.” 
“ ‘Breathing - a human right.”

   We truly hope that the sad and awful events of 2020 are at last a catalyst for real change in our country, marking the end of abuse of authority at every level 
and the beginning of social justice for all.  Black lives matter to us and we were proud to stand with our neighbors in Georgetown this weekend.  


  1. What a wonderful assortment of signs including the ones you're holding.

  2. Wonderful to see a peaceful gathering, good signs and you two look nice.
    Black lives matter as do all lives matter.
    Take care.

  3. Bravo, Cynthia. Congratulations for having the courage to demonstrate for what you believe in, for what is so palpably right. I hope that your vile, vicious, fascist, racist government in Washington gets turned out of office later this year.

  4. Good for you to go out and make a statement about racism. I hope some changes are made.

  5. Hope you didn't have looting and burning like the cities.

  6. The most important word in that entire post is VOTE!!!! I hope ALL citizen are getting the message. VOTE.

  7. I like picture of the slightly older couple and their sign best. Two of my three oldest grandchildren are from Africa and they and their white brother were at the forefront of a demonstration in Arizona the two from Africa are from Ethiopia and Rwanda what our racist president calls shithole countries. They are all a students in the high school or college and were leading a protest suburban Phoenix against racism. Their grandfather, me is very very proud of all 3

  8. Thank you for your activism. :)

    And hi! Been away from blogging far too long, but I'm back.

  9. Well done Cynthia and Paul.

    Here in Australia everything is getting better and more open on a daily basis. The amazing co-operation between the Federal and State and Territory governments has has been amazing. I am enjoying pub life again with my mates - ha ha!

    For God's sake USA vote that "saluting galoot draft dodger and now medical expert" out of office for your sanity and for a new found respect by the World community.

    E-mail on my life with coronavirus 19 soon.

    Cheers and beers with Paul