Friday, July 24, 2020

I’m Not Gonna Lie

  As the kids say, I’m not gonna lie.  I haven’t been too busy to blog, I’ve just had a hard time thinking of anything going on in my life that is upbeat, blog-worthy, or interesting.  

  Well, it is fig season and I do love fresh figs.  

Here’s my breakfast bowl today, toasted oats, nuts, and fruits. 

Who could resist this bowlful of goodness ?   

  Our birds are enjoying the design of a new feeder filled with the addition of peanuts and a millet-thistle mix to their daily black oiler sunflower seeds.  We’ve had as many as ten birds pile on it at once, inside and on the edges of the tray, chowing down cheek to cheek.

  It’s my little sister’s birthday today so I thought I’d share her card with you.  (I’m the big sister on the right, wearing my “car coat” which I thought was about the coolest and most sophisticated thing ever. You can’t see them here but we were both wearing our black and white saddle shoes, polished and shined every Saturday night).

   Books, puzzles, yoga, podcasts, an hour of Netflix or Britbox or PBS each night, a bike ride or walk in the neighborhood in outrageous heat and humidity, chased by a cloud of mosquitoes . . . 

 — that’s about all I’ve got.  

P.S. Anyone want to trade 500-piece puzzles through the mail? Between my knee surgery last winter and current conditions, I have an embarrassing number of them to offer!  (Photos upon request.)


  1. The breakfast bowl looks delicious. Glad everything is alright with you.

  2. Your breakfast is from Poland.

  3. Dear Cynthia, how well I remember saddle shoes. And then the loafers with the slit over the arch where we could put a penny! And bobby socks!
    You know I really wish we had fresh figs here, I've eaten only dried ones. The dried figs are a favorite of mine to put in my porridge with walnuts. I read your previous posting about the turtles. You always teach me so much and I love to learn! Peace.

  4. I for one am always very pleased to have news from you Cynthia, however mundane you consider it to be. How could a post with fresh figs be anything but exciting!

  5. I meant to say too, I would remove the anonymous message above.

  6. Good night, how are you? I am Brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro and looking for new followers for my blog. And I will follow yours with pleasure. New friends are also welcome, no matter the distance.

  7. That breakfast bowl is one I would enjoy, I love figs in season. I did have saddle shoes, usually black and white ones.

  8. Your breakfast would have tasted good.
    Pleased you blogged, that way we know you are alright.
    Rather like doing jigsaws but do them on my iPad these days.
    Like your coat and it's a nice photo too.

  9. That bird feeder looks really good and obviously the birds like it too. I love fresh figs and yours look delicious. Thanks for sharing. I think we're all finding it a bit hard to find something to blog about, so you're not alone.

  10. I like all these photo's, love fresh figs. I remember that coat, as a child I had one too. We called it "een houtje touwtje jas" (a wood rope jacket) that was the closure of the jacket, was very "cool" in those days. :)

  11. That looks like a fun puzzle! You always gave fun stuff to say! Stay cool and safe...the skeeters here are huge! Heat index was 99 here today.

  12. Great to know that you are OK.
    Here once again all Aged Care Homes are in lock-down so unable to visit my mother.
    I hope your Mother in Florida is OK?????????

    Your Breakie looks great - nutrious for sure but Figs are not on my menu!
    Cheers and stay safe............pouring rain again here in Terrigal with some
    beach front homes ready to topple into the ocean.........will be interesting Insurance wise!!!
    $5 million home and next stop the sea - I ask you - madness??

  13. Just getting back into puzzles. I understand they are HOT right now - with everyone stuck at home.

  14. We love a good puzzle and have really enjoyed this in recent times! Figs, you will be pleased to know you can have them all to yourself! Although it's tempting on your brekkie bowl!
    Have a great week
    Wren x

  15. Dear Cynthia, I so hope that your home and yourselves were not in the path of the hurricane. Please let us know that you are okay. Peace.

  16. Well at least you're keeping busy and I'm trying but combining sheltering in place with the loss of Mrs. T I recently asked my primary care guy if an old fella could die of boredom and he replied it my age it could be just about anything that might do me in. :)

  17. I was thinking about you and came looking for a post. Sorry to be about two weeks late. That breakfast looks delicious. I've never thought of slicing figs for breakfast. Our fig tree waited until July to put on baby figs, so they may not ripen before cold weather. I've always loved figs. That is the sweetest picture of your and your sister.You are such pretty girls. As much as I love summer, I am wishing for Fall to hurry and get here. This has been the most uncomfortable July and August ever! Hot and humid. I've just about given up on the garden.