Friday, February 5, 2021

A Few Friday Funnies

  It’s another dark, dreary, rainy day here so thought I’d pass along some laughs to brighten things up. 

🎈You don’t need spurs on both boots. If one side of a horse starts to run, so will the other.

🎈The fact that jellyfish have survived for millennia despite not having brains gives hope to many people.

🎈Confidence is that feeling you have before you fully understand the situation.

🎈Stop trying to make everybody happy. You aren’t chocolate.

🎈I got a GPS so I’d always know where I am. Now I just need something to tell me why I came here.

🎈Don’t be embarrassed about who you are. That’s your children’s job.

🎈Fun fact: Alcohol increases the size of the “send” button by 75%.





We have had a bumper crop of birds at our feeders this year, probably because of the mild winter we are having.  Really, why travel all the way to Mexico or South America if you don’t have to, eh?

  These brightly colored puffs of feathers, especially the orioles, warblers, and bluebirds, who chose to stick around South Carolina provide us many, many hours of entertainment during this endless pandemic. In exchange they get a daily banquet of sunflower seeds, suet nuggets, peanut butter, meal worms, and grape jelly in endless quantities. 


Bob the Border Collie provides another welcome source of amusement. She must have all her walks of course, 
a car ride now and then, and
her favorite Trader Joe’s 
peanut butter dog cookies.

Almost every night she puts on a show 
with her toys,

       flipping them in the air, 

flinging them into our surprised laps,
chasing them across 
 the hardwood floors. 

  The Writer badly needed a new desk chair. We don’t go into stores these days because of Covid so he had to take his chances ordering one on line. I was not a part of this process and was a little taken aback when the new chair arrived in this box.

  Is he planning to join Bob in her evening races across the hardwood floors or what?!!

  Oh, that’s not all! The chair cushion sets off a vibration under his derrière when he has been sitting still for 50 minutes to inform him he has been sitting too long for his own good. To stop the vibrating, he has to get up and move away.  And if the stress of writing is getting to him, the chair’s little electric massage fingers are loosed on his back at the touch of another button! 
 No surprise he says it is the best chair he has ever had! 

  My daughter keeps us supplied with Mason photos. Here he is dressed for Zoom school as he calls it. How does the poor teacher keep a straight face with a virtual classroom 
of these little goofs???

And here is what’s under the snowboarding goggles and tight lipped smile — no teeth!

Have a good weekend, y’all!


  1. A little humour at the end of the week is always a good thing.

  2. I enjoy your sense of humour.

  3. Cynthia, Great assortment of jokes! Good laughs from all.
    Never heard of that kind of chair that the writer got. May have to check that out.
    Your grandson has almost the same look as our granddaughter. She turned 7 today. We're just back from walking there for the birthday celebration. Her parents got her a jewelry box and she complained there were no jewelry in there. Well, she hadn't gotten my gift of a mason jar filled with costume jewelry. I purchased it at an antique/flea market. She thought everything was really gold, silver and diamonds. She was thrilled as she pulled things out to try on and then carefully placed them in the jewelry box. So much fun!

  4. Those funnies are the best! I enjoyed them all. Mason is so adorable. I do wonder how the teacher keeps a straight face. What a cutie pie he is. Cynthia, I sat her a couple nights ago and read and read your posts. Don't know how I managed to miss so many. I do love how you write about those old places in South Carolina; the Eldorado Plantation Ruins, rice plantations, Miss Ellie Barge. I would love to clip all that you've written together for a very interesting history book.

  5. Zoom school must be hard for these little guys and their teachers. The kids have nobody that they can tug on skirts or trousers and teachers must miss a half dozen hands clinging to them.

  6. Thanks for the smiles! Nice to see a photo of Bob! Your Grands are just the cutest!! Isolation is hard on everyone. Now we have the horrid cold for about 10 days...up until now I could get outside for a bit everyday and that sure helps...:(

  7. Funnies made me smile.
    That chair sounds good, could do with one of those someday only.
    Nice photos of Mason with his missing front teeth, of course he will have them for Christmas :)

  8. Lovely post. I need one of those chairs! Bob and Mason are so cute and I like the last funnie of the cat watching bird life through his window! 💖

  9. A great post, it certainly made me smile.

  10. Oh I think I need one of those chairs although my watch does scream at me Move!!! Maybe it's a cunning ploy designed by the dog to get up and play ball with him?!

  11. Thank you for these posts. I loved all the humor. My husband just got a new office chair from Costco too this winter and is enjoying it. Your husband's chair sounds even fancier though. Mason is adorable! And I need some chocolate.