Thursday, February 18, 2021

For Our Frozen Friends

  For those of you in the deep freeze of the Midwest and Southwest U.S., Europe and Canada and anywhere else snowy and/or frigid this week, take heart! I come bearing hope and good news: 
better weather IS inching its way north!  

  Santee Delta Preserve is closed for part of the year and only accessible by boat. This month the foot trails opened up and it finally stopped raining long enough for us to get out and see what’s happening on the delta. 

And, look!   We found some spring!

From the treetops ... 

to the footpath,

things are greening up,

and redding up 

and yellowing up,

  and if you look closely at the left side of this sign, you will see more evidence of spring. 

Great! The bugs are waking up, too.

I hope this news makes you all as happy as Mason!


  1. Signs of Spring are always welcome. I am delighted that the majority of my spring bulbs survived the snow and ice we had last week.

  2. Your Mason made me smile! Ah seems far off up here, but happy that someone has Spring!

  3. Very encouraging! I love seeing those first signs of spring. We have lots of ice today. That Mason is so cute. He made me smile too.

  4. So that's Mason - I thought it was a very young Elton John! Just little signs of Spring here too as we're having a sudden milder spell.

  5. Our winter with snow and ice lasted very short this year, only two weeks and now it is almost springtime temperatures!

  6. Spring is indeed in the way, although we still have to be patient here for a while yet. It will come, however. It always does!

  7. Yes, spring will be very welcome this year. Right now outside my window everything is covered in ice. While I love winter, I hate ice. Snow is not problem for me but falling uncontrolled on ice is very much a concern at 73!

  8. Makes me happy. We had more snow today and Dan's tired of it but I'm still enjoying it. He's actually looking forward to mud season. Me? Not so much. But spring, of course.

  9. It does a heart good to see spring coming eventually. Of course, in Illinois we used to not be confident of spring until the end of April. My daughter is struggling with ice damming right now in Illinois. She rolls her eyes when she sees me (in texts) in tank tops here in Hawaii.

  10. Hooray for Spring but we are about to start Autumn. Still warm and beautiful.

  11. Spring what a nice thought we are now even slightly above freezing at night my recent visit to see my primary care Dr. showed vitals are all good and the A1c is below the which means technically my diabetes is over :-) I asked him if a guy in his 70s could die of boredom and he thought it unlikely but recommended I get back out in the world a SAP and find myself a girlfriend predicted that tents at my age but I have my GSD Lily and she's a really good girl and companion continue being safe and well your friend and I'm doing the same