Wednesday, December 22, 2021

A Little Christmas Potpourri

  The cards are written, the presents wrapped, and all mailed to far away states. The tree has been decorated for a week and stands scenting the house with the beautiful aroma of pine. Carols are playing, the tea is hot, and it’s time to breathe and relax and enjoy it all.

  We aren’t making any cookies this year for, you know, waistline reasons, but Mason has been busy.

  He was very proud of his creations and told me, “It’s not the look that counts, Nana,  it’s the deliciousness.”


  I wonder how many calories are in this one!

  One night we did a drive around town to see the beautiful lights and displays on the little shops on Front Street, the big tree on the waterfront covered with lights, and the huge old Southern mansions festive with candles, tall Christmas trees, evergreen swags, and lights.  

  Coming back to our more modest neighborhood, we had a chuckle over this display. Guys sure love their trucks around here! 

  December is when the camellias begin to bloom here and these are from our yard. Although they look fragile and delicate, the blossoms will survive winter nights even in the 20 degree range and different colors and varieties will continue to bloom through the months of January and February. 

   Right after Thanksgiving, Bob got her first mail ever with her name on it.

  “What? for me? No, it can’t be!”

Inside the package was the most precious little hand-carved Norwegian troll, a nisse gode, from blogger Connie in Minnesota!  My Norwegian grandma told us about the nisses that hid things, moved things, broke things and performed other little pranks in her house. She wasn’t above threatening us with the nisses “getting us” if we were naughty either. This little Nisse is very dear and now has a place among the boughs and lights on our fireplace mantle.

  And even though I don’t hate anything about Christmas, I thought this was very clever so I will pass it on to you.

    I hope you, too, can take some time from all the work of getting ready, to enjoy the sweetness, the meaning and beauty of this season. 


  1. Now that is one serious cookie maker, all the while sucking on his candy cane. I bet you are glad that you are not there to eat the one he would have made especially for you- a whole day's calories in a single treat! But how could you resist when a grandson had made it?

  2. That decorated cookie is absolutely stunning! Cookies have zero calories when decorated by a child! LOL! My nieces and nephews used to decorate like that only they included lots of DNA from all their finger licks in between the smoothing of the icing. HA HA HA! I love looking at lights at night - that car is great! Those camellias are beautiful - I have never seen them before. Lovely! Merry Christmas to you and yours!! Hugs

  3. Your Camellias are just beautiful! Bob should get more mail!! So glad you like the Gnome:) Merry Christmas...that is a really cute cookie maker/decorator!

  4. Have a nice Christmas time and I enjoyed the decorations everywhere.

  5. Just did a bit of snow shoeing on crunchy snow this afternoon. Made my cheeks roey and fingers cold.
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Mason is having a great time baking and decorating. Merry Christmas to you both.

  7. I can see the Christmas spirit is alive and well and full of deliciousness in your part of the world Cynthia - hope you are having a wonderful festive season!
    Wren x

  8. I do love that cute poem; I struggle being jolly in December for a number of reasons. Kids' cookies are such works of art--decorated with love and verve!