Sunday, April 16, 2023

Good Eatin’ in Conway

Ocean Fish Market

  Few places like this left on the South Carolina coast. The old fish market in Conway  has been in business since 1948, providing seafood for several generations of local families. 

  Besides the fish market, they serve the best freshly-caught fried flounder there is from a little window at the side. With your fish you get traditional sides of rice, hushpuppies, cole slaw, and a pillowy slice of plain old white bread. 

  Best eaten at a picnic table with the neighborhood cats at your feet, relying on  your kindness and generosity for a handout. 

  Sadly, Ocean Market is scheduled to be demolished soon and replaced with condos after 70+ years of happy customers.


  1. un posto magico dove mangerei con piacere, peccato che dovrà lasciare il posto a tanto cemento!

  2. I am so hungry for some good fish! Sad that the place will be history:(

  3. More condos are progress? Will the shop move?

  4. Hushpuppies???? They are slip-on type sandals here in "The Land Down Under".
    Pity about this lovely old fashioned and open air cafe closing down. Condos, eh?
    They call this progress??????????????
    Funny I bought fish for dinner this evening - a type I have never heard of before.
    It looks pretty good and has been boned (I hope?) - I wanted flathead but the
    supermarket has been flathead free since Easter. - "BLUE GRENADIER FILLETS".

    Certainly has a fancy name - a-la "THE GRENADIER GUARDS" - probably will
    march around the frying pan!!
    I'll email what the "Guards" are like!
    Lovely sunny morning here after a week of the unpredictable - sun, then rain, then storm
    and back to sun all within an hour or less and at night it is fleecy lined pyjama time.
    Summer can't come back for me soon enough.

    1. I am delighted to report that the Blue Grenadier Fish Fillets were terrific.
      They did not precision march around as the name may apply in the fry pan
      or my dining plate.
      You should google them and see if you have them in the waters off South
      Carolina - I had them with Microchips which as the name implies are cooked
      in a microwave for 2 minutes or under a grill for 4 minutes.
      Microchips have holes in them - quite strange looking but they are as far as I
      am concerned far easier to cook than the peeled potato chips which in my case
      sometimes have blood on them - my peeling abilities are not first class. Maybe I should
      go to a cooking class a la the movie - "Julie and Julia"..
      Again a sunny lovely day here - if only it would stay like this for the
      whole of winter!!!
      PS: US Ambassador Caroline has now taken to surf-board riding.
      All shown on TV - she's a quick learner, better than me and I have
      tried a now long time ago and never mastered the art of staying upright!
      She is wooing us Aussies with her grace, charm and vitality, plus I think
      she has been to every part of Australia, I guess her deputy in Canberra
      is kept very busy with the mundane tasks of the diplomatic corps,

    2. Unless they go by a name I haven’t been able to find, we don’t have Blue Grenadier. In fact, we seldom see anything fresh besides flounder and whiting in the local markets now. Both very expensive. I think the East Coast is sadly getting fished out. Glad your culinary efforts were so tasty! But then, how could you go wrong with a fish with such a Grand name!!

  5. Sounds interesting what used to happen there at the fish shop. Sad to see it go but that's life.

  6. In answer to your question on what I look forward to doing once cast is off: everything! I'm right handed and being without it has been so awkward. I can now use my right fingers for typing tho not the thumb but eating, dressing, washing, cooking etc etc is tough.

  7. Sad times when old favourites get demolished.

  8. That does sound sad. We have a lot of long time businesses closing its doors here too. I think the pandemic really hurt them.

  9. Dear Cynthia, as a vegetarian, I haven't tasted any fish for nearly 43 years (since September 1980). But the rest of that menu just sounds delicious. My mom's coleslaw was the best and still I find other coleslaws that I enjoy.

    I see that it's been several weeks since you posted. I, too, have been away, mostly for health reasons. I hope your health is okay and that you are just enjoying a respite and are out and about, exploring! Peace from Dee and the cats.

  10. Everything ok with you? Your blog has gone quiet.