Monday, December 2, 2013

Paoli, Wisconsin -- Buy Local

  On Black Friday, my sister, daughter, and I headed out to do our kind of shopping. Far from the Walmart and Target crowds is a tiny rural town -- Paoli, Wisconsin.

   First stop was coffee and breakfast.
It may not look like much, but the food is amazing.  It is organically grown by the Ruegsegger family, then cooked and served by them in their little restaurant/grocery store. Everything from dairy and eggs, meat, honey, to produce is grown 15 miles from the store.

The breakfast menu features huge quiches, such as asparagus-truffle and Swiss cheese spinach/kale/chard, duck egg omelets, and Swiss roesti potatoes.  We chose three items and potatoes and split them. It is probably the best breakfast I ever ate.

The farmer and cook and sign-maker, Mr. Ruegsegger.


Apparently there has been some confusion about how long it takes to make food from scratch.

      Now, on to the shops.  There are only a few and they are in historic buildings, built in the mid 1800s.

The old grist mill, built in 1864, is now an antique shop upstairs and an art gallery downstairs where the Sugar River flows underneath.


The creamery is another art gallery.


Next stop is the chicken store.  They sell everything for chickens, including fancy houses, and everything for people who like chickens.

"The rooster may crow, but the hen delivers the goods."

   On our way home we stopped at the Amish grocery store.  There is no sign; you just have to know which farm lane to turn down.  We stocked up on the essentials to do the Christmas baking, eggs, local cheese, and some salve that fixes everything. 

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  1. Your breakfast sounds amazing and how great to be able to buy farm fresh and locally grown produce. We have one big grocery store (Woolworths) and who knows where most of their produce comes from. I bought a pomegranate from the USA this week!

  2. What a divine way to shop ~ Great photos ~ love that wooden door photo ~ thanks, carol, xxx

  3. Oh that sounds like the best day ever Cynthia. And I hate to shop. But I would love this. And the breakfast sounds absolutely amazing...what a great farm store.

  4. What a fun day and just the kind of places we like to visit. Thanks for taking us along! :)

  5. Excellent food! It was such a great way to spend Black Friday.

  6. Hey I like your world. Can't beat a good breakfast place.

  7. That breakfast has me drooling. What a brilliant place to do your shopping. I was on Oxford Street yesterday! I will say no more except I came away empty handed - just couldn't cope.

  8. That was a nice trip you made. The food looks very healty, great to find such a place.

  9. I like the chicken board! Slow food and good conversation always aid digestion I think!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  10. So glad I was able to find you for the best breakfast ever and some really interesting shopping. Thank you for visiting my blog regularly, I look forward to doing likewise with yours.
    Have a great week!
    Wren x

  11. I love small towns and their hidden gems,… your organic breakfast looks delicious!

  12. What an excellent place to shop. Home grown produce and quaint places to eat. It is much better than eating imported food and over processed food.The old buildings and galleries are a bonus too. Beats the black Friday frenzy any day.

  13. Perfect idea!!! and I love the sign of the chicken crossing the road. Really cute!! !

  14. That's my kind of shopping too. Born in a small town, I love quaint shops especially if there in old historic buildings.

  15. Just a quick visit from my blog, I will be back later for a good nose round.