Monday, July 15, 2013

My World Tuesday

The question is always asked by the curious travelers who have crossed the Plains at Interstate speeds, “How can you live here without the mountains, the ocean, the woods?” But what they are really speaking to is their desire to “get it” right away. The sublime of this place that we call the prairie is one of patience and looking.
                                                  - Keith Jacobshagen,  The Changing Prairie

Take a look!
A fallow field of prairie grasses and black-eyed susans

Dozens of semi trailers sit idle, waiting at the grain elevator, biding time until the busy days of the corn harvest in fall

It's true -- you can hear the corn grow on days like today!

The church, tallest building in town, witness to life's most
joyous and solemn events


The water tower, the church spire, and the grain elevator,
silhouetted against the morning sky

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  1. Those black eye susans are a real splash of colour in those wide open spaces. There is a lot of sky in your world.

  2. What lovely shots.

  3. Delightful sequence of shots.

  4. We all have our own journey and challenges. Love your prairie flowers and the landscape is much like ours with small towns in the wheat growing district.
    That lovely old stove I have cooked upon but unfortunately it is not mine. It resides at the shearer's quarters in a large sheep station in our desert county where we love to spend time. Unfortunately it is a two full day's drive away.

  5. Lovely photography! Nice post.

  6. Beautiful quote about the travelers...this looks so peaceful.

  7. Beautiful pictures, even a flat landscape can be nice !

  8. We flew over the Canadian prairies last week on our way to Calgary.
    I like all parts of our amazing countries.

  9. Lovely photos! You live in such a beautiful place.

  10. I so love black eyed susans.. we have them blooming along our road just now and picked a handful yesterday for both my husband's grandmother and our dear neighbor who is 94 years old.
    I grew up visiting family down in northern Iowa in the summers, and always loved to watch the corn grow, and weigh our cars on the local elevator scales at night. Your photos bring back nostalgia!

  11. Ahhhh... I like that. People used to ask us that all the time when we lived in Illinois.

  12. You have made this place sound beautiful. Love your words and photos.

  13. Beautiful shots of your world!