Sunday, August 4, 2013

Modern Architecture Rocks?

 The U.S. Courthouse in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is one of the outstanding modern buildings in the city according to critics.  It is, to me, um . . . interesting. 
Here it is, several squares put together, one of them curved with lots of smallish windows.  The windows and styles of each square seem different and unrelated to me, but what do I know?  It has won a bunch of awards, and modern architecture isn't my thing!
  In front of the building is a plaza full of "Rockmen", by artist Tom Otterness.  The designer of the plaza says the grass mounds represent the drumlins that were formed here during the Ice Age.  They are topped with Jack pines (of all the beautiful and majestic trees in Minnesota, these are scrubby looking things!).
Rock Frog, contemplating Rock Pile

Rock Man and Rock Mama?
Rock Pals give a boost
Mr Potato Rock?

Rock Log
Rock Snake?
And here is what is across the street, the staid and glorious old City Hall.  Wonder what it thinks of its modern neighbors.

The sculptures are whimsical, fun, and totally incongruous with their environment on either side of the street.  Maybe that's the point! 


  1. Those sculptures made me smile. I wonder if that is their purpose in life?

  2. Love the title of your post, so apt for the subject matter. The statues are whimsical and I rather like them. The buildings are very different but I've seen worse modern ones than this.

  3. Not at all sure about the buildings but I love the whimsical sculptures...I could enjoy looking at those every day ... makes me smile and think a little ... perfect for outdoor public art.