Sunday, March 30, 2014

Careful on the Curves

I had never seen these roadway mirrors until I saw Marie's post from London on Friday. I thought, "What a good idea!  We should have these".  Check out Marie's post here:

I was surprised yesterday to find one here on the other side of The Pond.  Apparently we do have these.  What a good idea!

(Yes, that's me.  Accidental selfie.)

Thanks for reading my blog.  I enjoy reading your comments.


  1. Reflections mirrors are popular in Europe.Wow you look great in the mirror as a policewoman

  2. Yes Cynthia, you do look as though you are saluting. Pleased to see you have them too. They are remarkably like the ones I saw in Kent.

  3. Interesting! I have never seen them:)

  4. Oh a nice selfie :)
    We have those mirrors in a few places.

  5. A bit like those mirrors at the fairground. The ones that make you laugh at how shapely you are - or not.

  6. Thats a much better selfie than most! I have also seen a set of pictures where the photographer places mirrors in pictures to strange and wonderful effect.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  7. What an interesting post. I have seen a couple of these hair ornaments .. as brooches .. as mourning brooches .. bit creepy really. I know of someone who uses the hair of horses to make bracelets .. quite popular with 'horsey' folk I believe.
    Vicky x