Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Now It's Pretty

This ugly spot in the back garden, with necessary rain barrel for catching water from the roof, has been bugging me.  Can't do much about the furnace and dryer vents, and the only thing that would ever grow there is a bunch of scruffy day lilies.

So I fixed it.

Ah, much better! 
The rain barrel still needs to be up on bricks and a tap added near the bottom.  I'm on the lookout for some old bricks.

Here's a tour around the back garden, a mixture of veg, herbs, and flowers.

That said, I do hope you have time to sit and enjoy the beautiful part of your world today!


  1. That area does look lovely now.
    The remainder of your garden looks lovely too.

  2. Look at those strawberries!! Your makeover was great...I have that same watering can! Lovely gardens you have! :)

  3. You have a very neat garden.

  4. You have a lovely big garden, I'm envious. We have to toddle off to the allotment and here's you with it all at your feet!. Your scruffy corner is nothing compared to our Chooksville in progress's so bad it keeps me awake at night. I took your advice by the way ;)

    How nosey am I to enlarge your pics for a really good look? I love the watering can, they are quite sort after now over here and go for silly prices at some places.

    Thanks for the nosey.

  5. Cynthia your garden looks very neat and it is well-maintained. Daisea are very nice. I love them.

  6. I love your garden. I hope you get time to sit there and enjoy it often :-)

  7. Green fingers eh? Certainly looks like you supply yourself with fresh vegetables
    and herbs. Enjoy the summer time in garden, actually here today (Brisbane) in the
    middle of winter, I will be sitting outside in the sun after I go to the "shearing shed" to
    have my "mop" cut short! I look like a 'wild man from Borneo" at present.
    More info. on the way - be prepared!! ha ha.
    Minnesota is such a great state to visit - in SUMMER!!! I loved my trips there.

  8. The spot with the rain barrel is so pretty and colorful now. I love it. Your gardens are beautiful!

  9. Such a pretty garden area...lovely flowers and I like the sunlight dappling through in that one photo.

  10. What a beautiful garden, some lovely veggies and flowers. Mine is a tiny area in comparision. The area with the rain barrel is now looking delightful.

  11. You have a lovely yard/garden. Thanks for sharing with us.