Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer on a Prickly Stick

   Raspberries taste and smell like summer to me.  When I'm picking, as many sun-warm berries go into my mouth as go into the basket!  I have four kinds growing in a 25 by 3 foot patch, and as much as I love them, the robins love them more.  I wouldn't get to eat one if I didn't cover them. 
   Not too pretty, but it works.  I am willing to share, so I leave some uncovered for the robins to enjoy.  (Rhubarb, milkweed for the monarch butterfiles in front, asparagus in front to the right.)

Red and yellow raspberries.  (There was a heaping full quart but I ate some for breakfast.)
The yellow ones are huge, as big as the end of my thumb, and they taste like warm honey. The robins don't bother these.  I don't think they recognize them as ripe. 
Rosie prefers to enjoy the outdoors from inside.  She talks to me while I'm working. 
Nothing much to do with raspberries, except maybe the color.  Let's call them raspberry hollyhocks.

And some soft pink ones with the black ones behind.
 "Summer afternoon...summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language."
          --Henry James


  1. Lovely garden. How wonderful to have so many kinds of raspberries. Your cat Rosie is very pretty too and it's nice that she is interested in what you are doing ;-)

  2. I love pictures of your garden because I'm just so nosey! I've never had yellow raspberries before I must look out for some, I've never seen them in the shops either come to think of it.

    I think Rosie makes a better blog reading buddy than a garden puss, she's so gorgeous x

  3. Cynthia you are right raspberries it means the summer is in swing. I love the yellow raspberries but I prefer the red ones .I like your photos espescially the Cat Rosie. She is so nice.

    And what's more you can bake a cake with rhubarb -it's yummy...

  4. I'm not familiar with the yellow ones but you are right about raspberries being the taste of summer.

  5. Everything in your garden looks so healthy and pretty. I have never tasted a fresh Raspberry. We planted a row once and built a trellis but the vines went wild and took over the garden. Yours look tame and under control. I love Rosie!

    1. I have to work very hard to keep them contained to that space. They want to take over the world! The yellow ones don't seem to go anywhere though. You might want to try a few of those.

  6. I have never seen yellow raspberries. You have done a fine job in your garden. I had a giggle at Henry James' quote because we always joke that summer in England only happens on one afternoon.

  7. Beautiful berries, I have been picking wild berries but the bugs are horrid and they are much smaller:)

  8. I do love raspberries, and I bet you do the hollyhocks.

  9. Love the quote...have never seen a yellow raspberry, but can almost taste it from your description of warm honey.

  10. Ohh I envy you with your home grown raspberries AND your summer!!:)
    It's icy cold today (you know Melbourne chilly so you don't need to feel too sorry for me!) and the price of raspberries is sky high but think I might splash out and buy some so I don't feel too left out hehe!
    Enjoy, I'm sure if Rosie was here she would definitely watch through the window too!
    Wren x