Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summers With Mom

My mom has arrived in Minnesota from her home in Florida for a month Up North. I don't think she would mind my telling -- she is 87 and still travels, alone, including changing planes in one of the busiest airports in the country. And we have been going non-stop since she arrived!
Sarah and Mom at the Gammelgarden Museum in Scandia. Although it is a Swedish museum, we Norwegians enjoyed it anyway! (Except for the bee sting -- I was attacked while sitting in the little church, quietly minding my own business. I suspect it was a Swedish bee. Uff da! Norwegians can't trust 'em.)

We had all the boys at the new splash park but it's hard to get them all in one place in a photo as they are all in constant motion. So here is Mason, doing a bit of girl-watching.
No, we didn't have any for lunch. In fact, only one of us can stomach lutefisk and I'll let you guess which one.
My friend Trina is cleaning out her house in Edinburgh for a move and found this photo of the two of us, which I kinda love. We did some work for an ad agency for the first Bele Chere Music Festival in Asheville, North Carolina, and here we are, enjoying it in the early 80s. The name sounds French, the t-shirts sport a bagpipe, and Asheville is in the heart of Appalachia. What were the founders thinking? The now annual festival is still happening. (This was my attempt at the Princess Diana haircut, I believe.)

Well, that's the week so far. More overnight guests coming this weekend for baby Mason's christening.

This is my first post using the Blogsy app and I hope it comes out all right because I'm not sure I know how to un-publish and edit! Thanks for visiting.


  1. Haven't been to Scandia in a long time so I guess a visit should be planned to the museum. Love the "throwback" photo.

  2. Cynthia, your mum is definitely in a good shape. It is amazing how strong and brave woman she is. You look so nice in the photo.Have a nice weekend but I believe it will be busy.

  3. 87, that's amazing.....well done your Mum! I hope your ok after your Bee sting and don't worry about the hair, no one had good hair in the 80's even Diana lol x

  4. A perfect Blogsy post - I've used it when traveling and am never sure my spacing is right. Enjoy your Mom. Bob's Dad is 91 and also still traveling on his own.

  5. Good for your Mom, that is a beautiful building you visited. Way cute coffee cup...I don't like it either:)

  6. I'd say Blogsy worked out well for you. I'll have to check into that one. Love the hair cut!

  7. My granddaughter likes lutefisk. Have fun with you Mom! Sorry about the bee sting, but what a sweet church.

  8. My earlier comment would not publish. I admire your mom. Good for her. Your hair style looks a lot like Princess Diana's. You look so pretty!

  9. Wow, so nice to have your mom still able to travel and without escort. I wish mine could do the same. I hope will all have a wonderful visit together and enjoy the tail end of summer.

    I couldn't figure out which one is you. Are you on the left in the photo?

    Have a wonderful rest of your week. xx

    1. I am grateful that she is still able to make the long trip and spend time with us!
      I am on the right, Trina on the left.

  10. Your Mum looks great and what an inspiration to us all. Love the old photo.

  11. Your Mum is Brilliant and tell her a Little Wren told you so!! I hope I am like her at 87. Have a wonderful time with your Mum and a fantastic weekend.
    Wren x

  12. Your blog post has turned out well.
    Your mothers is absolutely marvellous to travel on her own.
    Enjoy your guests and the Christening...

  13. Your mother is amazing, to travel by planes is rather stressful nowadays I think. It makes me very nervous, all the new rules and incheck machines and even luggage self incheck machines.i prefer somebody do those things for me and not me and a machine. Your Diana look is very nice!

  14. I think your mom is amazing. Not sure I want to be flying at any age (probably that's a big NO)

  15. While you can travel - well TRAVEL. You're only young once and 87 is still YOUNG!
    Good on your mother.
    Don't you think you are stretching it a bit - a bloody Swedish bee!!!
    I hope you are not trying to tell us that Swedish and Norwegian bees don't cross borders
    up in beautiful Scandinavia land?????
    I have noticed Thorvalds soups in supermarkets here - will have a check on them today!

    Now I have Dubai to Moscow to do! Should be fun??? I'll keep you posted.
    Lovely day here and not a bee - Aussie, Swedish or Norwegian to be seen - ha ha.
    Colin ( from a sunny and still unfortunately rain proof city!!! Where is the bloody rain?_

  16. Your mother sure is doing well, travelling and changing planes at her age. It must be great to have her there. Enjoy the Christening. Old photos are fun. I must remember blowsy next time I travel.

  17. How grand that your Mom is able to travel and visit!
    I also see Terri @ Backward B Ranch here too. She shares a lot of pretty photos, doesn't she?
    I know the Christening will be a blessing for the family.

  18. Your mom is 87 and travels alone? That is just incredible. I wouldn't even let my mom alone in a local store because she is bound to get lost (no sense of direction). Yae for your mom!!!