Monday, June 8, 2015

How Many Cats?

Our nearest town is a small one but you can find most things you need if you know where to look.

There are two variety stores, two "supermarkets," banks, four Mexican tiendas and/or small restaurants/bakeries, a hair salon, gas stations, even a McDonalds out by the Interstate highway. There is a liquor store, of course, in an old motel, called Dot's. Dot's husband has his own business on the other side of the parking lot, a car repair and towing business.


South Carolina liquor stores are identified by a large red dot on the outside of the building and have come to be called red dot stores. I wonder if Dot chose the business of selling liquor store because of her name.









Dot takes in the stray cats of the town, feeds them, and gives them shelter in some of the old motel rooms.. She thinks there are "40 some" feline guests right now. Between customers, Dot and her husband sit outside on the motel veranda with the four-footed guest or tend her many plants.


How many cats can you count?


Plus two

Plus one

And a few more

Yes, I think 40-something is probably about right!



  1. Way too many cats for my liking!

  2. haha that up front cat in your first picture looks like the stereotypical crotchety old man who sits on the porch yelling at kids! you definitely disturbed his leisure time on the veranda lol :)

  3. I love cats. It is very interesting for me to visit different states at your big country. Love from Poland.

  4. I finally found the 5th black cat in the group of five! What is the name of this small town?

  5. Good God!
    No wonder Dot and hubby have a liquor store - they would be needing drinks
    and plenty of them. If they don't know the liquor store, at least it is close.
    I hope those cats are all de-sexed?? You should have photographed closer - ha ha!
    The bloody ginger ones would be "Toms" for sure
    Cats here unless given official licence for special breeding have to be de-sexed.
    Hefty fines are given.
    I can almost smell the cat pee (piss) from way over here in Brisbane.
    Yuckity yuck.
    I'd be giving that motel a very wide berth in my travels.
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
    PS: For Kate above - name of town - "CATSVILLE" - ha ha.

    1. Bugger - all those cats put me off.
      Should read - "IF THEY DON'T OWN ( not know) THE LIQUOR STORE etc".

    2. Dot sees that the cats get their shots and are neutered. The motel is no longer s motel, and no cat smells detected.

  6. They must be kind gentle souls to care for than many animals. It sounds like a quaint little town:)

  7. I second heatherkae's description of the front cat in the group of five! The veranda-sitting sounds like a good thing to do.

  8. It's amazing how some of these little towns survive.

  9. Good to see you have met a fellow cat lover, I wonder if your cat would like a friend??? I'm sure Dot would love to see one or two go to a good home!!! Perhaps they could do a red dot special at the liquor store spend $20 get a free cat!!!
    Have a lovely week!
    Wren x

  10. 40? Oh my gosh! That is a whole lot of cats!!! I guess there are no mice around.

    1. What an amazing woman Dot is....loved this story of the motel with cats as guests....bit like Doris Day's hotel for dogs! Lol

  11. This is cute all the cats have such a nice shelter.

  12. What a lovely story...whether you like cats or not.

  13. A motel for cats. I expect word has got round about the accommodation at Dot's.

  14. Dot and her husband have kind hearts. I love all the cats. I would adopt all the strays if I had the money and room for them.

  15. Have any songbird survived in the immediate area?