Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Choosing to See Goodness and Beauty

I have found it difficult to move along with life since world events over last weekend. My heart still hurts for those who are recovering from physical wounds, the families of those who lost loved ones, those who have lost trust that their everyday lives will be safe.

But life goes on, there is still beauty and goodness to be found if you open your heart and look for it.


My bloggy friends who have been with me for awhile will remember my large, delicious, and beautiful garden and fruit trees in Minnesota. This summer has been most humbling in my new home in South Carolina.

I have lost my green thumb!

Or at least left it somewhere north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Here is attempt #3 to grow something (anything!) beyond a few tomatoes in pots on the deck!


The first two plantings disappeared when the plants got an inch tall. The garden store lady, a real Southernor (her accent tipped me off) told me it was the mushroom compost I used. It burned the roots.


I dug out the mushroom compost and replaced it with plain organic soil and these plants seem to be taking to their new home.

I have chard, kale, lettuce, and some basil plants from a pot on the deck that have now lived for over two weeks. Nothing has keeled over or evaporated and they actually seem to be putting forth new leaves. That's progress!

Here's our invention to keep the deer from snacking on our produce. The frame is light and tips over easily to tend to the bed.


It can be covered to protect the plants from frost and freezes should we get them this winter, and we recycled most of it from other projects.


I was a little more successful in the flower garden. I lost plenty to deer, but the morning glories have been ... well,









I'll leave you with a little smile because the world certainly needs more of those this week.



  1. Oh my your Morning Glories were beautiful! You will get the hang of gardening in the south! I amcertain it is different from MN.:) Cool and dark and dreary rainy day:(

  2. Looks like the butterfly approved of your morning glories. They are stunning! The bionic pants are scary-looking, but hilarious!

  3. That garden cage looks mighty useful, I'd like a few of them - not for deer, but possums and birds. Love the colour of that morning glory.

  4. That was a good piece to end up with - so true.
    Steamy hot here in Brisbane today but far worse over in WA where at
    Esperance on the "Bight" fires are raging uncontrollably - 4 killed trying
    to escape - 3 being European backpackers who were working on a property
    in the region - so sad. All from various parts of Germany.
    What "vegetables" or "herbs" are Chard and Kale????

    I know how you loved your visits to Paris and France - this would impact on
    you more than most - terrible atrocities.

    PS; My dinner suit doesn't fit nor does the shirt. I gave them away today.
    I guess a dark suit, white shirt and bow tie will have to suffice.
    Hopefully I wont' be the only one man out??? I am certainly NOT hiring
    a suit which can't be returned for 2 weeks ! The cost would be astronomical.

  5. I'm glad you're making progress with your garden. Yay! I LOVE your morning glories. The color is glorious!

  6. Keep on gardening. You'll get the hang of it in the new location.

  7. Events of the last week have been very sad. But then truly there have been other horrific events happening almost continuously that the world doesn't seem to stop and take note of. I'm very saddened by the attacks on France. As my Prime Minister said, they are our French cousins. We must try to go on living and loving though, otherwise the terrorists win. Hugs and happy gardening. xx

  8. Most of us are keeping our chins up with the tragic happenings, thinking about if it had happened here, how would we feel.

    I suppose you have to learn to garden in a different climate to begin with, very different from your other place. Keep at it, you will learn what not to do.

    Good saying there :)

  9. Good for you persevering with your garden, the Morning Glory is indeed glorious. World events are heart rendering, I pray for World peace and continually hope. Take care.

  10. It is fun to read about your garden works. I have never been a good gadener, I have not the right "feeling" for it, I just like to look at it. Times are very troubled here in Europe at the moment. it is all so close, Belgium, France, countries we cross frequently, I can't get it out of my mind all those fears.

  11. We've always had a garden, but it's difficult here in the south. Too much rain will definitely make the plants rot, our tomatoes were horrible this year. Peppers generally do well as do bean, particularly broad beans.. Some years potatoes do well, but not this year. Never have any luck with onions. My strawberries do well, but usually someone or something gets to them before I do.
    Can't even talk about France, sometimes it feels like the whole world has gone mad, this isn't the world I grew up in.

  12. Cynthia good luck with your garden

  13. It must be hard when you change climates to find your green thumb. Especially hard when deer come snacking. Good luck with this venture. The Paris news is very sad but your funnies cheered me up.

  14. Your morning glories are sensational – what a gorgeous color.