Tuesday, March 8, 2016

It's Just Too Nice!

I can't imagine weather more perfect.

The trees are budding, flowers blooming, anoles catching flies, big yellow butterflies,

birds everywhere (can't keep the feeder supplied), a bumblebee buzzing.

How am I supposed to get anything done?




The spring days start with

a view like this

from the deck.








Morning walk at

Shelter Cove Harbor





Neptune is on guard








Back to the deck, meet a member of our Fly and Mosquito Eradication Team, Anole 1.

We have three on duty today and believe me, they are well fed!





I did manage to stay inside long enough to dust, vacuum, and put up some Easter-y decorations. My sister and I made these with my mom when we were kids after we picked up shells on a vacation in Florida. At one time there were enough for a whole Easter tree but I only have four left.

They'll never make it into House Beautiful but it's not Easter without them!



I saw these at the store yesterday, an addition to my Southern Foods education.


I would not like my potato chips to taste anything like biscuits and gravy!





And now I am going back outside to pot plants on the deck.

Chicken on the barbie for dinner.

Ya'll all come!



  1. I'm with you on the chip flavors. GN notices all the changes in flavors nd has gone through streaks of trying them. No me! The shell,ornaments are wonderful! I'm glad you have some left. I've never seen Easter ornaments made from shells. Maybe we're not supposd to get much done on those perfect weather days. Aren't there enough rainy, windy, cold, snowy days to keep us at our chores? Well . . .maybe not snowy for you any more, but you know what I mean.

  2. How your life has changed over the last couple of years. Your posts are always filled with such joy. I am so pleased life is good.

    1. Thank you, Marie. No winter has been pretty wonderful, though I'll probably be complaining about it being too hot before long. And having The Writer to share life with again ... well, that's pretty wonderful, too!

  3. You are blessed in that beautiful area

  4. Yuck! Biscuits and gravy???
    Strange eating combinations in the South!
    I certainly drew the line at bacon, eggs and ice cream on the same
    breakfast plate. The ice cream was a no-go zone and "hash browns" straight
    into the rubbish bins.
    The marina certainly looks very nice to look at from I suppose there would be restaurants
    or bars around it?
    Plenty of early autumn rain here - hopefully out west is being drenched also for good winter
    fodder and for crop preparations.
    How is your golf progressing?

    1. Bacon, eggs, and ice cream on a plate? Wherever was that?!! Hashbrowns are delicious.
      Golf ... well, I've been to the driving range a few times but that's it. The Writer has enough golf partners without me so I have yet to play on an actual golf course.

  5. Cythia I am jealous of your weather but fortunately we had only two weeks winter and yesterday storks came back from Africa it means spring. I am making some Easter decoration, too..

  6. Sounds like a wonderful time of distraction with everything blooming and growing and buzzing :-) They come out with new flavours of potato chips all the time but I still like the old standbys. Have a marvellous week.

  7. You're right, much too nice to stay inside. Like your Easter decorations. Our cat took out one of our bug catchers today.

  8. I like your title. Nice weather makes us feel great.

  9. It is so pretty there! I love your little Easter tree. I saw those biscuit & gravy chips at the store yesterday...yuk! and I am from the south! We had a beautiful day here too.

  10. The ornaments from your childhood are beyond unique and precious.

  11. Wow you get a lot done in one day. Spring has put a spring in your step. Nice shots.

  12. Love the Easter decorations, a beautiful treasure which I am sure hold so many wonderful memories. You certainly have Spring in your step these days.

  13. You sure feel spring is coming and quite busy with preparations. Those chips make me sick when I see that combination!

  14. The weather looks wonderful, Cynthia! Those Easter decorations that you made with your sister must hold so many wonderful memories. That's an interesting flavour for chips...and I bet they would be laden with calories too! Lol

  15. Very pretty, and I especially noted the snapdragons at the water edge. Lovely.

  16. Look at those huge containers of Snapdragons!! Beautiful! I was trying to look closer at your porch must be screened in! :)

  17. It's finally warming up here and I'm excitedly looking for signs of spring every time I look or step outside. So far the trees are still bare but I know it can't be much longer. I can't believe what an amazing view you have from your deck. Water...it's the one thing I am truly missing here in my new home.