Thursday, March 3, 2016

Take Heart, Ye Northerners

Spring is on the move!



at the farmers' market



The pick-your-own farm

will be open soon.



This little screech owl likes to be gently stroked. His feathers were the softest, smoothest thing you can imagine.

He lost his eye when he was hit by a car so he will never be able to be released in the wild. He has a new job as an education owl.





We had a nice visit with the owl lady. A retired teacher, she moved here from the North to start a new career taking care of injured owls and educating the public, especially Low Country children, about them.

This is a barred owl.

His call sounds like, "Who-who-who, Who cooks for you?"

And I know, this photo has nothing to do with spring.

His daddy took it while my daughter was gone and sent it with the caption, "Not sure what he was doing over there on the couch by himself."

Any ideas?



  1. I love the daffs and the owl. Your little grandson was obviously protecting his eyes while he handled a dinosaur.

  2. The owl rehab and education is a great project. Terrific for children to see the creatures in real life. Your grandson? - he's off on his own adventure - totally absorbed.

  3. That's some serious, serious investigation going on there on the couch.
    And I love barred owls. We can hear them here in our woods, asking who's cooking.

    1. We have great horned owls calling back and forth over the house. I think they are nesting by now, probably have young hatched already.

  4. Oh the daffodils, aren't they gorgeous! Mine have just gone wild. The Owl Lady, hum, is that what happens to us retired teachers?

  5. No Mason mate, that is not a pre-historic kangaroo.
    To me from way across the Pacific, it looks like a tortured carrot.
    Cheers and now young man, back to the lingo lessons.

  6. Makes me want to retire and educate with owls!!!

  7. Maybe the goggles your grandson is wearing help him in his dinosaur investigation. He is just absorbed!

    The owls are so wonderful! We have pygmy owls out here, who live IN THE GROUND with the prairie dogs! They coexist and even help each other. We have elf owls, too, which are just the tiniest things.

  8. Minion boy with dinosaur is too cute. Now I don't wish to burst your bubble of the Spring thing, but I can tell you on this side of the world we're not giving up the heat without a fight.... Sorry!!! We are in a summer heatwave in our autumn here (quick pass me the aircon remote). Now you do know Cynthia that if it was up to me I'd be sending the sunshine and warmth straight over to you with a big kiss don't you? It's waaaaaaaaaaay to hot for me here, she's all yours!!!
    Hugs from a sweaty Betty Wren x

  9. The little one looks intrigued :)
    Oh daffodils, they are a beautiful bulb. Our are out of the ground at the moment, must plant them soon.

  10. Such a great photo of your Grandson, really made me smile.

  11. To see an owl so close is very impressive, I had the opportunity as well a few weeks ago. That grandson is dreaming of diving I think!

  12. All those beautiful daffodils for sale; a sure sign Spring is on the way. Of course here, we have to wait until just after the middle of the year. Love those owls...magnificent creatures. Those yellow goggles on your grandson look such fun, and he's obviously having lots of fun too!

  13. No farmer's markets here yet. Can't wait! The pic of your grandson is so cute. I have no idea what he's up to. It's probably one of those safe couch adventures.

  14. We have a rescued Screech Owl as a pet when I was young. He stayed insise a lot and was surprisingly quite neat. When strangers came, he flew to the quilting frame against the ceiling and eyed them warily.

  15. I love owls, and I love the fact that the lady has a passion for these lovely creatures.

  16. Those daffodils look just like spring! I would pay five dollars for a bunch! Did you laugh at the picture of your grandson? I did. It is so cute. Would love to know what he is thinking.

  17. Looks like that cutie on the couch is busy figuring out something! Love the goggles:)
    Thanks for a look at those Daffs in buckets how pretty is that! :) It snowed here this morning, but we are supposed to be 55 on Sunday I can hardly wait:)

  18. The owlis very big and intereesting

  19. Daffodils are such happy flowers – everyone loves them because we know cold winter is going away. I like your other photos too, of the cute little boy and the sweet owl.

  20. Actual spring!!! We have lots of owl educators as well. It is so important.
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  21. I love to have bunches and bunches of daffodils in the house during Spring. They are so cheap here. That market has much of interest. No doubt you will be a regular visitor. Your grandson is so engrossed in whatever that activity happens to be. How adorable.