Saturday, April 2, 2016

Market Day

The rain cleared just in time for the Port Royal Farmers' Market to open this morning.


If you didn't have time for breakfast, you could get it made fresh while you waited.




Healthy eggs (from happy hens), smothered with cheese, to go with homemade bagels. Very tempting.

The hens are happy hens because they are pastured all day, every day, where they dine on grubs, greens, and grain.

It says so right on the sign.









The bird rehabber was back

educating the crowd along with a

very engaging young man with a

barred owl.













I think the

turkey vulture

had his eye on someone's breakfast.












Here is what we brought home: eggs, radishes, kale, cabbage, brocolli, and mixed lettuces.

The purple radishes are really spicy!



  1. Smothering eggs with cheese is a novel way to make them healthy! That Barred Owl is really something.

  2. Cynthia you are lucky to have fresh eggs. I admire the oel is a great bird and so big

  3. That is a nice looking little farmer's market. I just don't know if I could walk around holding on to a turkey vulture.

  4. There is nothing nicer than fresh produce from a Farmers Market, even better when you get to see the owl and turkey vulture.

  5. LOVE barred owls. We have one that's taken up residence in our woods and yard. He never got the memo about being nocturnal. We see him all times of the day.

  6. Saturday morning is a great time for a farmer's market, ours is late Tuesday afternoon into evening, not good time. That's nap time for us, also known as happy hour.

  7. How come so many leaves on the ground?
    The fortnightly markets that were held in the park close by
    where I live and were VERY well patronised - ceased. Reasons unknown.
    No doubt someone complained of noise, cars or whatever.
    Some people are just plain peculiar or born whingers.
    Lucky you with your fresh food market.

    Another beautiful Autumn day here.

  8. I love radishes!!! And I've never seen a turkey vulture up close like that. How interesting!

  9. A fruitful morning at the market then. I bet that owl was lovely.

  10. your produce looks nice and fresh. We went to a market today. We have to travel for 30 mins or more as we don't have nice local ones. However, I was disappointed again. The produce doesn't look farm fresh to me. Some looks like it is left overs from the city main markets that sell to stores. The best markets I have ever seen were in California.

  11. What beautiful fresh produce you were able to buy. It looks a wonderful place to browse and breakfast there sounds good :-) love those birds too!

  12. We have farmers markets here in the city which are really popular too - not that I think we have purple radishes though!
    Bye for now
    Wren x

  13. Love those farmers markets and happy hens too...:)

  14. Those birds are awesome. Those eggs would be perfect!! They taste so good! :)

  15. Your purchases look good, but that turkey vulture looks a bit scarey! Great that they are educating people about the birds.

  16. This looks like such a fun farmers market. There's so much to see.

  17. What a fantastic market you have so close to you! Love that barred owl and to think someone trusted it enough to let that boy hold it!