Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Reptilia -- a morning wherein I execute a daring rescue

It was a gorgeous April morning at the Donnelly WMA .

I got out of the car to take a photo of the egrets

And saw this in the water

And then on the bank a large chicken turtle

stranded upside down by the receding tide and unable to right himself.

Without a care as to whether I would be able to pull myself back up the steep bank,

l scrambled down to rescue him.

Bravely ignoring his hissing, I flipped him over, and off he went.

They're named chicken turtles not because of a cowardly nature or a resemblance to a chicken

but because their meat tastes like chicken.


Meanwhile the alligators began coming out of the mud for some spring sunshine.



Lots of singles and a few

pairs and then ...






See those logs floating on the left? They're not logs, they're gators!

We counted fourteen on the little sandy beach and in the water at this spot.




See? Gators, not logs.


Wildflowers on the roadside in Yemassee, SC



  1. Well, I am glad that you didn't see any 'gators that need to be uprighted!

  2. You were brave with all those gators around.

  3. OMG what an ugly crocodile. Is it dangerous?

  4. I wondered what the flash was - must have been you going through the sound barrier
    after you gently turned the "chicken" turtle "upsy dovey" and then had a 'gator'
    smilingly showing you his lovely toothy pegs. ZOOOOOOOOOOOOO -MMMMMMMMM - rocket
    like Cynthia takes off.
    I trust Paul who obviously took the photo, but not your blast off into space,
    was not burnt by your rocket flames???
    I think in future be a little more careful in your "good animal deed exploits"
    and yes to Gosia - Alligators like crocodiles are not what normal people keep as pets.
    They are bloody DANGEROUS. Like they will eat you - "human yummy for their tummy."
    That last part waxes quite beautifully I think - ha ha.
    PS: Less than 24 hours to go for Augusta!

  5. I'll take your word that the chicken turtle tastes like well - chicken. Get the heck out of there before the gators get you!

  6. Yeah for you, always good to give a turtle a helping hand. Alligators on the other hand, don't need a hand at all.

  7. I'm glad you were able to assist the turtle without a gator incident.

  8. Well, you're certainly brave to rescue a turtle when there's a dozen alligators nearby.

  9. The Turtle thanks you! Those Gators would scare me! Those are some pretty flowers! :)

  10. You are kind to go down the bank and flip the turtle to save it.
    Lots of alligators there as dangerous as our crocs.
    The first photo is lovely.

  11. There is a lot of activity going on there in the water. Alligators, wow and so many. Sweet of you to save the turtle, don't hope he was hiding for an alligator on the shore:)

  12. Cynthia!!!!! Brave or what????! I'm going to put you front of the line if we come across a snake on our virtual roadtrip :)
    Wren x

  13. Now that was brave, I am not sure that I would have been able to do that with all the alligators around. What a magnificent sight.

  14. The flora and fauna look very different where you are now. Yikes! That gator looks awfully close!

  15. Good thing you hadn't planned on a swim...Yikes!

  16. No way! I'd have used a very long branch if possible to turn that turtle. You would not wish to be an upside down turtle among all those alligators.

  17. You are a good Samaritan helping the turtle that tastes like chicken. Who eats turtles? Glad the Alligators were not wanting a Cynthia dinner.

  18. Be careful rescuing turtles that you don't become gator bait!

  19. Thanks for the suggestion to visit your friend. (I don'y have your email address so I left this answer here)