Sunday, April 17, 2016

My Lowcountry Garden

The Writer is at a big golf tournament interviewing Important People this weekend, so I thought I would show you around here a bit.

I'm determined to have a better garden this year after my very disappointing one last year.

Because of the wildlife we share life with, I have to grow my flowers, citrus, and herbs in pots on the deck.

We have hungry and destructive squirrels, armadillos, raccoons, and deer that consider my plants gourmet snacks. Or teething biscuits.

Most of them don't come up on the deck. Yet.

The caged plants (far right and left) are lemon and lime trees.

The squirrels eat the leaves and buds if they can get at them.

That's why they are wrapped in chicken wire.


The Herbs










rosemary and thyme


catnip for Rosie










The Flowers



Can you believe these beauties

are just lowly petunias?







Salvia for the hummingbirds --







single and double impatiens




We cut pine poles yesterday to fence the second critter-proof raised bed.

I'll show you my thriving beds next time.

Meanwhile, Rosie says hello!



  1. You get a lot of unwelcome visitors quite a challege to have a garden indeed, wish you luck!

    1. Sweet ktty you have, you must clean her nose :)

  2. Greetings to Rosie! We spray to keep the deer away, one year they ate all my Hostas, mothballs help too. The armadillos dig up the yard, but don't bother the garden. I've never had any trouble with my citrus trees, having said that they'll probably get eaten not. Your petunias are gorgeous.

  3. Well, Hello Rosie!
    Petunias are available in all kinds of colours and patterns these days. Gardening must be quite a challenge with all that wildlife "helping out".

  4. Rosie is so beautiful! I'm surprised your critters don't come onto the deck. Mine are looking in the windows! You have so much growing already - it's a sight for my winter-sore eyes!

  5. Cynthia your garden is poor com[paring the previous one. But I know diffeent climate zone and location

  6. Hi Rosie! Ah the frustrations of wildlife. You will be looking forward to that caged bed.

  7. Wht pretty Petunias!! Rosie is looking good too, how does she like Bob? :)

    1. It took about 9 months for Bob to stop trying to chase/herd Rosie and now they pretty much ignore each other. You can tell Roside considers herself vastly superior to the dogs, and I think they agree.

  8. Cynthia - you must train that cat and the dog to be more protective
    of the "fruits" of their feeders, ie: thee and he who is at
    the Heritage Golf Tournament.
    I should think a cat and deal with the squirrels and the dog has the
    rest of the various food thieves to deal with.

    Looks at present that Paul may be interviewing a South African, Brandan Grace
    and if not him then either a Scot or a Pom. Pity about yesterday for Jason Day,
    almost a Jordan Spieth collapse but a rebound today but not enough!

    Must be a nuisance having to grow limes and lemon trees in a pot??
    You'd be forever re-potting into larger pots or are there such plants
    as mini limes and lemon trees?
    Cheers from a nice and sunny Brisbane Autumn morning.
    Ps: No plant and fruit stealing critters here, just my
    "BELOVED BLOODY CROWS" all in full blast.

    1. OOPS - "A cat CAN deal with the squirrels" - that's you MISS ROSIE.

    2. The citrus were given to us and we are hoping they are dwarf plants. Our neighbor has a dwarf lime and she had 72 limes last summer!
      Rosie enjoys squirrel watching from the window, but Rosie doesn't "do" any sort of useful work! It's beneath her dignity.

  9. You grow all the good stuff, No wonder all the critters like it.

  10. What a pretty cat. I do like your container garden and the view is divine :-)

  11. A challenge indeed, I grow a lot of things in pot as I only have a small space but it seems to work.

  12. Cynthia it was lovely having a 'look' around your garden. I think you have many more challenges with wildlife compared to goodness all those critters looking at your garden as a buffet banquet! Very healthy looking plants there and very pretty flowers...and the gorgeous Miss Rosie πŸ˜ΊπŸ’•

  13. Rosie is beautiful, suc a sweet face..
    the petunias are a lovely dark rich colour, they are such showy flowers.

  14. Thanks for the garden tour! It was fun to have a peek. I did notice that you typed parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme in proper Simon and Garfunkel order. (Sorry, they are still my guys after all these years.) Beautiful color on the perunias. Do you know that song "I'm a lonely little petunia in an onion patch." Sorry, I guess that's two garden song references already. What do you use the dill for? Something other than pickles? Just curious. Rosie has a sweet face!

  15. I know both those songs and thank you for noticing the Simon & Garfunkel reference. ☺️ Their songs will be with me forever. And my mom used to sing the petunia song!

    Dill is great in salads and anything with cheese. Also we chop it up in scrambled eggs.