Sunday, May 8, 2016

On the Road Again

We have arrived in Minnesota to visit family and put my house there up for sale.


It was a beautiful -- but chilly -- trip through the gorgeous Smoky Mountains where The Writer and I used to live.

43 degree!

Asheville, NC. Yarn bombs on Wall Street.



We were completely lost as Asheville has changed and grown so much, including this building. Many years ago this was a cafe on this funky little street, and I owned it with two friends. However, I walked straight up to this building as if in a dream and said to The Writer, this is it!

And it was!

It's a ceramics store now, but you can still see where the kitchen and dining room were.

Good memories of wonderful customers and great friends!








On through Kentucky and more beautiful mountain views, even though it rained Some. This is crossing the bridge in Louisville. Looking up the river to the left, I counted seven bridges in sight spanning the Ohio River.




Things changed dramatically once we entered the flat farmlands of southern Illinois. The state is one of the top producers of wind energy in the US and the turbines are stretched for hundreds of miles across the horizon. The largest wind farm I read about covers 22,000 acres. This clean energy makes my heart very happy!


We stopped to enjoy lunch at a picnic table along the Interstate where we also enjoyed the local entertainment -- two Canada geese taking their brood of 6 little fluff balls out for their first foray into the water. (Those are the dots in the water along the far bank.) The parents demonstrated diving and the babies dove, popping up out of the water like corks. The parent took off into the air, circled once around, and when the babies didn't follow, returned to the lake.

We spent the second night on the road at my sister and BIL's home in Wisconsin. The Writer and BIL spent some time touring the garden and the chicken palace (no chicks until June). Rhubarb, asparagus, and raspberries are doing well.








Last stop, lunch in Minnesota along the Mississippi River. Another beautiful spot but ...








...why is it a rest stop if visitors are so unwelcome???

So much to do to get the house ready in a week, sell my car, and all the other details of ending a life somewhere you have spent the last 30 years. But today is MOTHER'S DAY and I am blogging from my favorite Minnesota coffee shop, right next to the fireplace as it was 39 degrees this morning! In a while we will go to my daughter's to see all my favorite people in the world, especially four little boys I haven't see for months.

Meanwhile, Happy Mother's Day

to all the mums and grammas!

I won't be able to visit all my favorite bloggers regularly for awhile because I don't have wifi at the house, but I'll catch up when I can.




  1. Cynthia, Good luck with sale of your house, Happy Moter Day. It was a long but interesting jorney.

  2. Hope the sale of your car and house go well. Enjoy your time with your precious family and have a great Mothers Day.

  3. Great trip down memory lane. Hope the house sale goes well and in the meantime enjoy the company of thoae adorable grandchildren.

  4. Happy Mother's Day - lovely that you arrived in time to share it with your family. Hope your house sells easily and well. See you when you get back!

  5. Wow, Cynthia! You blogged while on the road? That is awesome! You've got quite a huge task ahead of you. Selling a home you lived in for 30 years is very difficult. We know because we did the same thing 7 years ago. However, it can be done.

  6. All the best for the sale of the house etc.
    Interesting trip as shown.
    Give my best wishes to Ana, Don and the "Tribe".
    I am sure they, ie: the "Tribe", will keep Grandma occupied
    with their latest adventures and exploits.
    Cheers and I expect to learn that Mason's "Aussie Lingo" has

  7. Cynthia, happy Mother's Day. I sure enjoyed the stops along the way. Your pictures are always pretty, and interesting. Enjoy your family and especially those four little boys. Bet they can't wait to see you.

  8. Welcome back to Minnesota! Wishing you all the best as you sell you house and car. Hope that all goes well. Yarn bombs . . . I have yet to do one, but some day I will think of just the right one. Enjoyed reading about the cafe in Ashville. I haven't been through the Smokies in years! Happy Mother's Day!

  9. Happy Mother's Day to you! That's a long drive!!! Good luck on selling your house and car.

  10. Great description of a trip with some pleasurable stops. Having lunch along the Mississippi is always a pleasure. Real estate is going fast in the metro area. Good luck!

  11. Great trip! Great post! Good luck with the house.

  12. Wonderful to see part of your trip.
    Good luck selling the house - may it sell quickly.
    That is rather hot weather, keep up your liquids and hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day.
    Keep out sign is a bit weird :)

  13. Nice trip to go back and see your fomer cafe. Hope you will sell your house soon.

  14. You seem remarkably calm, or is it the joyous contentment of life that streams through this post?! Either way well done you for what must be an emotional time :) You are obviously keeping cool in more ways than one, boy that's Aussie hot! It was fun seeing your old cafe, your picnic spot looks lovely!
    Hope the sale goes well.
    Wren x

  15. Belated Happy Mother's Day! I hope the sale of the house goes well! I am sad you are leaving Minnesota, but grateful that you travel lots of places I will never get to see! Get all that lovin' from your Grands whilst you can! :)

  16. Busy and exciting times for you. Take care and enjoy those little people.

  17. Good luck with the sale of your home and car. I loved taking this road trip with you. So many of the places I've visited in my travels but can't say I've ever stopped to visit an establishment I used to own. That rest area is hilarious. Hope you found another spot to rest in. Enjoy your visit with your family I'm sure those little ones were thrilled to have you back for a stay.

  18. What a lovely road trip and nice pictures along the way. I hope you sell your house as you wish, as well as your car, without delay. We are in the process of clearing 40 years of accumulation in our house then will sell it too, so I know the process is not easy and stressful. I was thinking, maybe the rest area is for the turkeys, not for humans?

  19. I went to Asheville once in 2004 and I really loved it!